Zipolite – the place we fell in love with

Zipolite – the place we fell in love with

From Huatulco we went on to Zipolite. We took a taxi directly from our last dive haha so we were really salty but found a nice cheap taxi driver.

When we arrived there at La Loma Linda, the place we planned to stay at for 3 nights, we were just more than impressed and in love with this beautiful spot <3 The huts were amazing and the view over the bay and especially the sunset was just breathtaking.

We loved Zipolite so much, that we stayed there for 7 nights instead of the planned 3 haha, 5 at La Loma Linda, 2 at El Alquimista on the other end of the beach.

But what makes this place so special?!

  1. The friendly and open minded people
  2. The laidback atmosphere on the nude beach (no you don’t have to be naked, but you can ;))
  3. The amazing food ūüėČ

Best places to eat at:

  • Sal y Pimiento: The food is just amazing, you get really big plates and the prices are unbeatable!
  • Posada Mexico: Go there for dinner and get yourself a tapestry on the beachside <3 soooo romantic! You can eat right under the stars and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Zipolite Beach. And besides they have really good offers for breakfast and pizza ūüėČ

We really left Zipolite a bit sad because we left a small piece of our heart there, but we had to move on to Puerto Escondido.

Thanks especially to Katja and Dieter who made this stay really special and it was also a pleasure to meet you Anke and Felix (Benni haha). Thanks to the nice waiter at Sal y Pimiento (sry we don’t remember your name) for always reminding us to order everything without sugar haha and thanks to everyone else we met there and who made Zipolite so great!!

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