Yala National Park

Yala National Park

As we already mentioned in the last post, we got up early today for catching the first bus to Tissamaharama, where Sudu from Treehouse Safari waited to pick us up for reaching Yala National Park. It’s a 4 hours bus ride and so we decided to take the first bus for getting a free seat. As we came there 20 minutes before departure, we could not believe our eyes… the bus was completely full, our big backpacks were just packed into the luggage compartment and we tried to find a place somewhere in between the crowded bus.

We prepared ourselves for a 4 hours standing bus ride and tried to see it as a balance full body workout not to fall when the crazy bus driver stops or drives the bus like a rollercoaster 😉 We thought that’s gonna be funny but it was definitely NOT funny anymore when the baby next to Bina and also the mother started to throw up during the whole second half of the ride.. thats why we were really happy to leave the bus in Tissa and see our friend Sudu waiting for us at the bus station 😉

He took us with his car and our first stop was his home. His family offered us some tea and a beer and we enjoyed playing with the baby cats while Sudu went to the supermarket to get some food and drinks for tonight. We decided to stay in a tree house, directly at Yala Nataional Park, where we can sleep directly next to the wild animals.

After chilling at Sudu’s place for a while, his brother came to catch us for our Safari trip. We’ve only done the Udawalawe Safari so far and we were really looking forward to the animals in Yala National Park.

The Safari was really GREAT and we saw so many wild elephants and other animals really close to our car. It was also really an adventure to drive through the park because Sudu’s brother really chose the craziest roads and it was even hard for the big Jeep to drive there. It was really the best Safari trip we’ve ever done and that’s why we really want to recommend this adventure to everybody. It’s worth all the time and money getting there.

After our Safari trip we went on to our place where we spent the night and as we arrived there it was raining heavily. We took a short shower and checked out our home for that night… and it was simply AMAZING.

Lots of steps around a tree showed us the way to our tree house. It was really nice decorated and we could not believe that there is a bathroom high up in the trees. The view from our tree house was simply awesome and we thought of not coming out there anymore for the whole evening. But we were really hungry (we did not talk about any food until now… what means… we did not have any food until that time for the whole day…. and moms and Patricia: NO we will not get too thin ;)) so we went downstairs again to check out if the food is ready. Together with Sudu and his team we prepared a great dinner (we asked to help because we wanted to know the recipes :D) and enjoyed a funny evening with him and two Spanish guys who also spent their night in a tree house.

We also spent an amazing night in the tree house – Manu be happy you did not stay with us haha

Next Morning the sun woke us up and we just enjoyed a delicious breakfast before Sudu came to pick us up and bring us to the bus station where we catched the bus to Ella. He also helped us to find a great hostel in Ella and we are really happy that we met him… and found a friend in him. Hope to see you again Sudu – stay as you are… you’re great 🙂

If you ever come to Yala National Park, here is some information about the prices, the different kinds of trips and also a recommendation for exciting accommodation:

  1. Safari
  • Short Trip: 9500 Rs p.p.
  • Medium Trip (that’s what we did): 17800 Rs p.p.
  • Full Day Trip: 22000 Rs p.p.

All the Trips include a guide, the Jeep and the entrance fee for the park. Medium and Full Day    Trip also include lunch.

  1. Accommodation in a tree house including
  • 1 night in a tree house for 2 persons
  • Medium Safari Trip
  • Dinner
  • Cooking lesson if you want
  • Breakfast
  • Beer or Arrack

for the price of 45000 Rs for two persons and it’s definitely worth it.


If you want to prebook or have some questions you can reach Sudu here:

  • Phone: 0094772085554
  • Whatsapp: 0094772085554
  • Email: gayanyalasafari@gmail.com
  • Facebook: Sudu Treehouse Safari

Sudu also is a guide and gives tours all around Sri Lanka with his car – beginning from the pick up at the international airport in Colombo to all other destinations you want to reach.

We’re looking forward to all the things we can do in Ella… and we will tell you about them soon 😀

Today it’s New Year’s party here in Sri Lanka so… we’ll go dancing and partying in the rain now 😉 new Year’s 2 times a year ^^ GREAT haha… Cross fingers we’ll see some fireworks 🙂

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