Wicked Diving in the Andaman Sea

Wicked Diving in the Andaman Sea

Hey dive freaks out there 🙂 We arrived in Khao Lak quite early in the morning and enjoyed an amazing breakfast while waiting until our dive school Wicked Diving opens.

As soon as we got there, we were friendly welcomed and did some paperwork before we got all our diving gear (and they have a lot of really high quality stuff, take your time to find the perfect gear for yourself) and got ready for a 3 days livaboard to Richelieu Rock.

We heard a lot of good stuff about this divespot and we also heard that it’s deep. So as an open water diver, we cannot see everything… määäääh… okay this is one of the reasons why we signed up for an advanced OW course too, to explore all these divesites from the bottom to the top (and other way round :D)

Wicked Diving has their own cars so they shuttled all of us to their beautiful boat “MV Mariner” and as soon as we got there, we felt like this is our new home for the next days. We loved this boat and after moving into our cabins, checking everything out and having a briefing about the most important infos, we enjoyed an amazing dinner while getting to know all the other cool people joining this trip.

We went to bed pretty early because our first dive briefing was at 17.15 the next morning.

The first Spots we went to were Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and soem divesites around there. We had 4 dives a day and the schedule looked like this:

  • Wakeup
  • Divebriefing/Dive
  • Eat
  • Divebriefing/Dive
  • Eat
  • Divebriefing/Dive
  • Eat
  • Divebriefing/Dive
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Repeat 😀

So after seeing this schedule… could there be a better start into a Thailand holiday than this?!

Our second day was nearly the same, just different divesites, a bit of snorkeling in between and we managed to do all our 5 adventure dives during this trip… Bina found out that she hates dark water and so she would never ever do a nightdive haha but Martin really enjoyed that one.

During our first two dives we had amazing visibility, great drift dives, worked a lot on our buoyancy and saw loooots of beautiful under water life. The soft and hard corals here in the Andaman Sea create beautiful landscapes and we could not decide which divesite was the most beautiful one during the first two days!

But theeeeen day 3 came… and we finally found Richelieu Rock. We have to say: this is the most beautiful divesite we’ve ever been to…. 30m deep and from the top to the bottom it’s full of life. Big swarms of fish everywhere, octopusses, rays, huge barracudas, nudibranches, shrimps of all size, sweetlips, travellys, pufferfish, boxfish,… and endless more.

Some of the divers even saw a whaleshark, we did not because we were busy staring at our computer for our safety stop time haha….. stupid whaleshark that did not stop for us 😉

After two dives on this great stop our trip sadly came to an end and we came back to Khao Lak as Advanced open water divers 😀

We will definitely come back to Wicked Diving one time (hopefully soon) to get some more of that wicked diving 😀 We loved the time with you and want to say thank you to:

  • Koen, who organized the trip for us
  • Chris, who made us handle all this adventure dives, guided our perfect dives and pointed out a lot of amazing stuff under water
  • The whole team of MV Mariner and our guides (Ping, Bridget, Denise – thx for everything ;), T-bone)
  • Our amazing cooking lady
  • Bernd, Jules and all the other cool people we met on this boat

ALL OF YOU made our trip just PERFECT <3 Thank you!!!


  • Lynne Neubert
    5. March 2018 16:34

    I love reading your posts Bina! Puerto, Zipolite, Bangkok and diving. Now I will read some more. You are living a beautiful dream bella❤

    • Alpha Athletics
      7. March 2018 5:48

      <3 and we would love to have you around here with us ^^ But some daaaay.... we will visit you in beautiful Canada... or you come to visit us in Vienna :D Hope to c u soon :*

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