Hiking weekend at ‘Tauplitzalm’

Hiking weekend at ‘Tauplitzalm’

Hey guys 🙂

How to use a free weekend in Austria best? – Go hiking at the beautiful mountains and your Cardio is done for these days 😀

So without further ado we booked two nights at “Berghotel Tauplitzalm”. THe offer was including breakfast and dinner and the price was  really affordable.

After work on friday afternooon we started our trip to styria by car. After a three hours drive and lots of winding roads we reached our goal. We instantly fell in love with the awesome view, crazy running around cows and the small lake (called “Großsee” – big lake even it’s a small one haha) in front of our hotel.

The 3 course manner was already waiting for us when we reached our hotel. The main dish was really tasty and also the salads were really nice, even if they weren’t self made ones. After dinner- we started our classic hotel checkout round 😀 and we found: THE SAUNA

By consolidating our efforts – or rather becaus of Martins nice orientation skills haha- we reacht our hotel via a steep slope and fell into our beds instantly.

After having a nice breakfast next morning (tip: all offered things are awesome except of the orange juice – it tastes like water) we decided do do the “6 Seen Wanderung” at the hight plateu of “Tauplitzalm”:

6 hours – 6 lakes- 450 metres hight difference – perfect for starting into our cardio weekend 😀

Hm well because of the bad weather we weren’t able to start our tour before 12pm and “intelligently” we followed Bina’s tour plan. She suggested to take the “6 Seen Wanderung” but she did’t want to follow the signposts, she wanted to try taking the other way round. the result was a 5 km detour haha but nooooo problem, ti’s cardio day anyway.

Finally we found the right direction and followed the guide throug beautiful forrest paths, stony tight ascents and lots of grassland with crzay cows. We can’t even belive that in the end ouf our tour, we really found every of the 6 lakes haha

“Krallersee  – Großsee  – Märchensee – Tauplitzsee  – Steirersee – Schwarzsee”

At “Steirerbankl” we took a short lunchbreak with a bread roll, an aplle and an Energycake Cappuccino.

After one last very steep ascent we came back to our Hotel after 5 hours and 15 minutes. Haha much quicker than our guide said- including the lunchbreak and Bina’s little roundabout way (or extra Cardio haha) 😀 We love challenging guides by the way *g*

Befor dinner, we enjoyed the sauna and relaxed our muscles for next day’s hiking tour haha. Dinner again was super tasty and after a small walk around the lake we went back to our room. What a beautiful day in austrias mountains!

Sunday morning we woke up, saw the sun shining and decided not to stay a little longer. The day before MArtin saw a tight ascent towards the top of “Traweng” and said: We haveeee to go there.So we packed our things and got all the information for the tour while having breakfast.

3,5 hours walking – 550 meters hight – “Steiler Geröllpfad” to the top – for experienced hikers only 😀

Perfect for the two of us we thought. The tour starts similar to the one we did yeserday towards Steirersee and while walking through pastures with crazy couws we asked ourselves: What exactly is that “Geröllpfad that should guide us to the top?” And soon our question was answered. It’s a steep stony trail , which we passed more on 4 feet than elegantly on two because of our poor footwear. We Thougt we could hike every montain wearing our running shoues… but now we definately know: Not the best idea *g*

But there has to be said one thing: WE LOOOOVED THAT TRAIL.  Fascinated from the beauty of that montain and the uniqueness of this landscape we as usual to a little extra trail (haha Extra Cardio again) from about 1 km until we reached the top.  A priceless Expience and an awesome view let you forget all the efforts to get there. After a short break and a photosession at the “gipfelkreuz” we noticed that we have to get back somehow and that would definately be harder whith these slippery running shoes than climbing up the montain. After a 3 hours “gollum-walk” we reached our hotel, 1800 calories burnt and ready for some ice cream before starting our way back home.

We could really highly recommend “Tauplitzalm” to everyone, who wands to escape from everyday life and enjoys the silence of nature. There are hiking tours for everyone – from easy to really challenging. We’re so much looking forward to our next hiking trip where we hopefully will wear better shoes haha.


  • Dillian
    12. January 2017 6:03

    I might be betinag a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

  • Frank
    23. January 2017 13:10

    I really love Tauplitz Alm!! Also in winter it’s one of the most beautiful places in austria!!

    • Alpha Athletics
      23. January 2017 13:12

      yeah that’s true <3

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