Unawatuna and it’s beaches

Unawatuna and it’s beaches

Unawatuna and it’s beaches

We really like it here in Unawatuna and that’s why we planned to stay a few days. Our Hostel is quite cheap and we like exploring all the beaches around here.

Our second day we started with a crazy beach workout (Martin forced Bina to do some pistol squats- and that’s why she nearly can’t move anymore right now haha) then we had an awesome breakfast at the “Happy Spice Bar” – that became our one and only favorite and affordable morning place 😀 look at that awesome fruit plate with a POT of tea (not a cup.. a POT haha), altogether for about 3 Euros

Jungle beach

The guy from the cafe’ told us that jungle beach on the other side of the hill should be nice and so we packed our things and started hiking through the jungle. Even the way was worth the hike… and as we saw the small quiet beach we just fell in love with it. We decided to stay here for the rest of the day and hiked back as the weather got worse. On our way back Martin bought two fresh coconuts (he makes Bina happy every single time he does that haha – she loves these coconuts) and as soon as we reached our terrace, the heavy rain started and we decided to just wait until the rain stops, read a bit and just enjoy this romantic moment (yes even Bina… the most unromantic person ever… realized that is was kinda romantic *g*)

After a clothes washing session we had an awesome dinner – guess where?!? – riiiiight at “Happy Spicy Bar”. Afterwards we were chilling at the beachfront and enjoyed a cold beer.

The next morning we woke up early and we directly went to “Happy Spice Bar” again for breakfast and to discuss how we should spend our day. We heard Dalawella beach should be nice and that’s why we planned to visit this one that day.

Dalawella beach

As we asked a tuk tuk driver how much he would charge for the way, we decided to rather jog to our next destination and save the money for a drink in the afternoon. After about 35 minutes and Bina nearly dying *g* we reached the beautiful beach and she forgot the pain of running all the way up to here, because this beach was so beautiful 😀

We spent the whole day at this awesome place – reading, relaxing and enjoying the warm and clear water. When we got hungry in the evening, we walked back to our hotel on the beachfront and took a refreshing shower.

BUT there was a really strange scent around our balcony and we found out that our clothes still were not dry and they started smelling like feet (Mom – thx that reminded us to Daddy’s feet after wearing the wrong shoes the whole day :D) and so we tried to wash agaiiiin  –> yeah maybe Bina gets something like a housewife soon 😉

Tonight we tried a new Restaurant called Mati and had awesome Dhal curry (Linsen) and red beet salad.

We decided not to head on to Mirissa the next day. It’s really nice here and there are so many beaches to explore around here that we will try a different one tomorrow and then head on to Uda Walawe National Park. We’ll tell you from our hopefully exciting journey when we arrive there. Cross fingers that we can see a lot of elephants and other crazy animals there 😀

A few last words to our families and friends: As you can see our beach days here are very relaxed, sporty and NOT dangerous… so don’t worry we’re FIIIIINE 😀 (and only a little sun burned ;))

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