The 7 Top fitness books: Our Must reads

The 7 Top fitness books: Our Must reads

Hey guys, as you know, we love to get new ideas about fitness through reading many books about the topic. It is important to find out new stuff and motivates us to try different things. However, since there are thousands of so called “top fitness books” out there, it can easily happen to waste time and money when buying the wrong literature. This is why we summed up our favourites for you.

Here’s our top fitness books list:
  1. Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World by Kelly Starrett (English / German Version)

In Nr 7 of our top fitness books list, Kelly Starret explains in detail and scientifically proven why your chair is literally your enemy. His strategies do not only help to prevent musculoskeletal injuries but also to recover mobility of shoulders, back and hips and transforming the desk into an active workstation. A must read not only for the typical seated office worker!

  1. The Functional Training Bible by Guido Bruscia (English / German Version)

Functional training means to do exercises that involve movements that are needed in daily life or specific types of sports. This is great because you don’t only get stronger, but also teach your body how to carry out properly day-to-day activities and therefore avoid injuries. This book is literally the bible on the topic. In the beginning, Guido Bruscia explains the theoretical foundation of functional training, followed by a great compilation of functional training exercises and specific workout programs for strength, hypertrophy and weight loss. It is literally the top book on functional training.

  1. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto

This is probably the “bible of fat loss”.  The book is structured into the four parts mindset, nutrition, cardio and weight training. However, as you know, abs are made in the kitchen. This is why the – by far – biggest section of the book is about nutrition. Tom Venuto outlines all information that you need for adapting a fat shredding nutrition without the need of any special diet program. This makes it our top book on fat burning literature.

  1. Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier

No question that the Alpha 7’s top fitness books list has to include a comprehensive training anatomy book. We think that it is essential to have a clear understanding of the body anatomy in order to be able to understand the impact and effects of physical exercise. This book of Frederic Delavier provides an X-ray for each exercise and gives detailed impressions of how the surrounding structures like bones, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues work. This definitely helps to improve performance and avoid injuries in your workout. A must read for everybody who works out!

  1. Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews / Thinner Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews

In these two books Michael Matthews gives a great comprehensive guideline of how to build muscles and lose fat adapted to the specific needs of men and women. What we love in these book is that he makes clear that you don’t need to starve yourself with “extreme fat loss diets” or give up all the foods you actually like to lose fat quickly or to spend hundreds of Èuros on bodybuilding supplements. He keeps it as simple as it is and clears up with a lot of myths that exist in fitness and bodybuilding.  These two top fitness books totally meet the Alpha Athletics philosophy.

  1. You are your own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises by Mark Lauren (English / German Version)

You guys already know that we love the idea of bodyweight training – not only because of our world trip plans, where we have won’t have a proper gym with us. So – we might say that Mark Lauren is one of the Gurus of bodyweight training. As an elite special operations physical trainer he developed a simple program that allows the user to do the exercise anywhere just with the own body and having great rapid-results. This book is equally valuable for beginners and advanced athletes, as it starts from the basics and leads to a step-by-step guidance for the king’s class exercises, such as handstand push ups. This is our top book for bodyweight training!

  1. Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starret (English / German Version)

Number 1 of our top fitness books list is literally the best book on fitness we have ever read! Kelly Starret lays out a blueprint for moving safely and effectively through life and sport. With this guide we managed to enhance not only our squat and deadlift movement, but also every single other exercise in our workouts. This removed some dysfunctional movement patterns and improved our power transmission capabilities, so that we can handle more weight. Besides that, we could solve issues with Sabrina’s back and Martins’s shoulder, where no doctor was able to help us.


This is why we are sure: No matter what your fitness goal or your sport is, this book will help you to improve your athletic performance and prevent or rehabilitate injuries. If you want to truly understand the principles that guide human movement, you need to read this nr 1 top fitness book!



  • Barbara
    12. February 2017 18:07

    Thanks so much for the list and reviews! too bad that Christmas is already over and I’ll have to buy them all myself 😉

    • Alpha Athletics
      13. February 2017 11:10

      😀 birthday is coming… 19th of july? a little later than mine on 14th 😉 and if you want you can borrow one of ours too 🙂

  • Barbara
    17. February 2017 10:45

    Sounds wonderful 🙂

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