The Amazon Experience

The Amazon Experience

Hey Travellers out there 🙂 As we told you in our last Blogpost our second Plan for Peru was to explore the Amazonian Jungle. We did some research and decided not to do a jungle light trip 😀 we wanted to have the real experience and found the perfect place to be for that – Otorongo Jungle Lodge (Or Amazon River Lodge – it’s the same haha)

Our trip started from Iquitos where we spent the last 3 days enjoying the city and it’s interesting but disgusting markets 🙂

Otorongo Expeditions picked us up by boat and we had a relaxing 2 hours boat ride to the Lodge. When we arrived there we were surprised that it’s located really directly in the jungle. We Had a private cook, guide and boat driver so that we can really enjoy an individual program. For the first day we just walked around in the jungle and saw amazing animals as the heavy rain decided to be our first shower for that day 🙂 Completely wet we went back to the lodge, enjoyed a great dinner and went to bed early – humidity made us tired ^^

The next day we woke up and our things were still wet, even Bina’s hair did not dry… so can you imagine the climate there?! After breakfast we went on a tour to see sloths and some tree lizzards and after that, we were allowed to go on a canoe trip on the river on our own 🙂

For the evening we planned to see the typical pink dolphins of the Amazon and they were just really cool. we were lucky that they showed up that often and they were playing a funny hide and seek game with us. After that, our night expedition began. We went to look for caimans at nicht, coz they are easier to spot when it’s dark. Their eyes reflect to the lights of the torches and so we could easily find some and Martin even caught a small one. This was an amazing experience and we could just recommend it to everyone. Amazon river at night could be creepy, but great!!

As we are sporty people, we did a whole day jungle hike the next day and even if it was not that steep – it was freaking chillenging!!! The heat, the humidity, not much water to drink, millions of mosquitos and other stuff that bites you… After this day we fell into our beds and slept like babies, but it was really great!!

For the last day we went to see the giant trees – the biggest ones we’ve ever seen!!! For a special dinner on this last evening we went fishing for some Piranhas 😀 We really caught some and so we enjoyed grilling them in the lodge afterwards.

The Amazonian Jungle was challenging, expecially for Bina, but it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience that we would not like to miss in our travels! And we want to thank the Otorongo Team for making every day so special for us!!! We loved the time with you! 🙂

From Iquitos we went on to Leticia, a small town located at the border to Colombia and this is where our nex adventures were waiting for us 🙂 COLOMBIA <3

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