Schloss Mittersill

Schloss Mittersill

Hey Fitties 🙂

For Bina’s birthday, Martin had a special idea 🙂 We spent 2 wonderfull nights at Schloss Mittersill in Salzburg.

At first we thought the journey from vienna with about 4,5 hours would be quite long, but with funny cd’s and many creative ideas time was passing by really quick.

As we arrived at the castle, we were welcomed really friendly and our first present from the hotel manager was a refreshing glass of prosecco – could you imagine a better start into a birthday weekend?!:D While enjoing our welcomedring we got all the infos about restaurants and hikingtours nearby and afterwards our classical hotel-checkout round started 😀

First we found out that there’s a big marriage party at the castle this weekend. We thought of chrashing it, but this try failed coz of the wrong outfits. Our luggage contained only outfits for hiking and chilling… no elegant wear in it – damn *gg*

Okay… first plan condemned – let’s check out our deluxe room. We loved the classical interior and the huge bathroom with glass doors in the shower made us feel like home <3

Nest stop: SPA 🙂 on our way we found a small “fitnessroom”, but there was only a little cardio equipment in it. Nevertheless our cardio sessions this weekend was hiking, so we were not really interested in that mini cardio room. The elevator stopped directly at the Spa. It’s a beautiful area  and the reportedly heated outdor pool was waiting for us to jump in 🙂 Done – and after 5 seconds we were lying in the sun – the pool was definately not heated *g*

The Indoor Sauna was really clean and cosy, the silent rooms had an awesome view. Also the outdoor sauna area is really nice, but there was one big deficit: it was only open from 4 pm to 7 pm 🙁 another point to criticize was the long way from the sauna to a cold shower. Regardless, we found our working- and chilling place here and enjoyed our first day at the outdoor sauna.

For dinner we decided to visit the restaurant “Haus am Teich” in Mittersill. We chose this one because of the awesome ratings on the internet and the beautiful pictures of the terrace. We fell so much in love with the athmosphere and the food of that restaurant, that we wanted to write an own post to that restaurant. Here you go 😉

Back in our room; we fell asleep happily, next to our hikingmap, planless of which route we should take the next day.

Breakfast next morning was AWESOME. From fresh made eggs, Ham, Cheese, selfmade marmelades, cakes and fresh fruits to homemade pancakes, there was really no thing missing. The view over “Hohe Tauern” and that super tasty breakfast – the perfect athmosphere to plan our hiking trip hehe

Finally we decided to visit the lake “Hintersee” via the  “Schlosswendklamm”. The tour was not really physically demanding – anyway we wanted to spend a chillout weekend- 1,5 hours walking through wonderful woods and fields to “Hintersee”. But that hikingtrip is definitely an awesome experience and nature shows you so many beatiful things you have to take pictures of. Including short workouts and lots of photo breaks, it takes us nearly as long as the tourguide said to reach the lake. 1 hour and 15 minutes walking and then we were ready to put our feet into the icecold water of “Hintersee”. What a great feeling!

The way back home along the forest road was finished in about half an hour. At the hotel, Martin had a massage and Bina chilled in the sun for working and reading.

According to Martin the massage was really relaxing and afterwards we got some coffee and fresh fruits as a present from the house.

While chilling in the sun and enjoying the nice weather we decided to have dinner in Mittersill. We enjoyed our meal in a small restaurant in the village and thought about hiking tours and plans for the next day.

After having a huuuuge breakfast, our trip to Stubachtal started. Weather forecast was bad, so we decided to start our hiking trip by cable car to the mountain lake Weißsee. At the upper station of the cable car there was a wonderful view waiting for us. We asked the guide if it was worth it to hike to the peak of the mountain, called “Medelzkopf”, but he said: No, the fog is coming soon and it’s gonna be dangerous to hike there with bad weather and that it would take us 1,5 hours to get there. He told us to walk to the viewpoint. A little dissapointed we walked there and starred at the valley. We turned around and suddenly we stopped. There was a mini version of a summit cross on top of that mountain… and from now on we both knew: WE HAVE TO GO THERE… no risk – no fun *g*

Said – done! Quickly we started moving and mysteriously we reached the top in 35 minutes (instead of 1,5 hours according to the cable car guide) The Fog was still far away and we enjoyed the beautiful view. We were just stunned how awesome this was. Sadly we started our way back after a few minutes, coz we saw and heard the bad weather coming. Heavy rain got us, and we came back to the cable car completely wet haha.

Sloppy and tired but happy we started our 4,5 hours way back home by car and fell asleep in vienna quickly.

Hiking around Mittersill – AWESOME! Big thanks to the team of Schloss Mittersill for all the nice tips and the perfect hosting <3

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    12. January 2017 8:52

    Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brililant posts.

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