Restaurant “Haus am Teich”

Restaurant “Haus am Teich”

Hey Fitties ūüôā

Modern, chic, considerate service and contemporary art of cooking are presented at the website of “Haus am Teich”- ¬†And that’s exactly what our visit was. The beautiful restaurant in Mittersill (Salzburg) has a super extraordinary menu that pleases both the eye and the taste buds.

As we entered the restaurant, we were hosted by a friendly waitress that guided us to our table at the gorgeous terrace. The menu varies every day, so in the picture gallery you can see a short excerpt from the dishes as offered that day in August 2016.

We decided to have the Salsiccio Burger with Sweet Potatoes and the fresh fish catch of the day, along with that an “Aperol Spritz” and beer of the house. We know- our drinks this evening were not really fitness suitable, but hey… we’re celebrating Bina’s Birthday ūüôā However, the dishes that the restaurant offers are really healthy, all fresh prepared, organic and low in fat. No matter which dish you choose – it’s definitely qualified for an athlete’s diet.

As a starter we got the homemade bread with olive oil and parmesan for free – awesome taste!! Uncalled, the waitress served more bread when our basket was empty and as soon as we finished the starter, our main dishes were ready to eat.

The burger as well as the fish – marlin- tasted so nice, that Martin’s words describe it the best: “I’d love this food to be endless, so that I’d never have to stop eating it. Too bad that our plates are nearly empty.” He watched his empty plate sadly and finished his dinner *haha*

On top the hiking tips of the waitress were really helpful. In restaurant “Haus am Teich” the service is perfect and every visitor is treated like a king.

All in all the “Restaurant Haus am Teich” is worth every cent you pay for the dishes and we would rate it as SUPER GREAT ¬†and perfect for people living a healthy lifestyle!!

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