Kempinski Hotel Croatia

Kempinski Hotel Croatia

Hey guysĀ šŸ™‚

Coz of the bad weather in vienna in mai, we – besides working out a lot, just thought of being beamed to warm destinations. and just how our destiny planned for us, facebook read our thoughts andsuggested a super cheap offer for Croatioa. Hotel Kempinski Adriatic – love at first sight šŸ˜€ Half an hour later we booked that offer and our daydreams were ready to get reality. YEAHHH

We started on Friday and already the road trip was an adventure. From Vienna to Istria we passed really every weather condition and as we reached Umag, we lost our way although we had a Navi *haha (but hey… definately Bina’s fault coz her Navi is as disoriented as she is ;)) As we finally found our hotel, even the welcome was worth the stressful trip. We got a super tasty welcome cocktail and the staff took our luggage to the room. Tome for us to have a look around šŸ˜€ – We looove to check out hotels, where we haven’t been yet. Ur room was beautiful und the bathroom was an oasis of welness with a huge bathtub and a glassy shower.

As usual we found the fitnesscenter first and it has an awesome view over the sea – so… we had to start our visit with a short cardio workout haha

Also the indoor and outdoor pools and welness areas areĀ great. We enjoyed the sun a little bit we got hungry and started to get ready and look fore some food šŸ˜€

Surprisingly the weather changed and it was raining heavily as we came out of our rooms (yeah nice hair and makeup of no use -.-)

On our way to the city of Umag lots of people recommended us Konoba Nono but as we came there- it was fully booked. But just two streets away we found a really nice restaurant named Kantina Melon. Food and drinks are quite cheap and they were resented soooo nice (Bina’s cheese platter was served as a star – she loves stars… seems as this restaurant knew that *g*

Back at our hotel we fell asleep happily and dreamed of next days breakfast.But after doing an 8 minutes abs workout, that breakfast exceeded all our expectations. More than 2 hours we enjoyed all these tasty things sitting in the sund and making plans for the day. The day before we found some nice trekking bikes at the entrance of our hotel and so we just decided to check out the surroundings by bike. We passed beautiful landscapes and rode along the coastline of Istria. We could highly reccomend this experience to everyone, even if its a little hilly.

Exhausted after riding the bike for more than 5 hours (yeah we wanted to seeee everything and did’t think of the long way back home *g*) we were sooo much looking forward to lying in the sun and enjoying the heated outdoor whirlpool. But the croatian weather seemed to have other plans with us and tadaaaaa it started raining again. But hey: no problem – we just changed our place to the indoor wellness area. And here we definately have to say: it’s one of the most beautiful hotel welness areas we’ve ever been to.

In the evening we just decided not to have dinner at the hotel. We wanted to try the nice restaurant at the pier we found on our bike tour:Ā Restoran Sv. Andrej. This was the best decision ever coz the food and drinks were just amazing <3 Finally we got a Pelincovac for free šŸ˜€

In joyful anticipation of next days breakfast we went to bed. NExt morning there was another positive message for us. we could stay in our room till 5 pm without paying more money šŸ˜€ SO that was a sign for us to start with a workout to earn the great breakfast and chilling in the sun the rest of the day šŸ™‚ With omlettes, salmon, pancakes, fresh fruits an champaigne we started into our Sunday. And here we have a special tip: try the white chocolate cream- it’s soooooo delicious <3

Today the weather seemed to be on our side and we enjoyed our last hours in the sun and got a little tanned šŸ˜€

5 pm we had to start our trip back to Vienna… But we’ll definately keep all of these amazing memories for the Hotel and the great weekend in Istria.

ThanksĀ ISTRIEN andĀ KEMPINSKI ADRIATICĀ for all the great experiences and the perfect hosting!