Hey travellers out there. From Langkawi we moved on to Penang, which is just a 3 hours ferry ride away. We moved into our beautiful, stylish new home for the next five days – Eton Hotel – and immediately fell in love with the bubble tea restaurant and the coconut man just down the street.

From now on for as long as we stay here: One bubble tea and one fresh coconut a day 😀

The first day we visited a night market near Macallum but we were a bit disappointed because there was just deep fried stuff and we were expecting nice street food. If you visit a night Market – go to Batu Ferringhi.

For the next two days we planned to learn a bit more about the Malaysian cuisine, so we attended two cooking classes and enjoyed both of them a lot.

One was combined with a visit to the tropical spice garden, where we were friendly welcomed by a snake and a really big gecko. In this cooking class was a bit stressful to follow the teacher’s instructions, but actually Bina is not the best cook 😀 For Martin it was a lot easier.

The teacher sticked to traditional recipes and we really liked to learn from her.

The outcome of this class was a delicious 3 course menu and we loved to eat it in the beautiful green rainforest area together with the other cooking students.

Due to the nice weather, we spent the rest of the day at Batu Ferringhi beach, which is okay, but not as nice as the beaches in Langkawi or Thailand.

The second day it was time for Penang home cooking school with Pearly and her nice husband. This was one of the best cooking classes we’ve attended so far.

From the Market tour in the beginning (with all the snacks we could try) over the cooking and the amazing recipes to enjoying the cooked lunch all together everything was perfect and lots of fun.

Pearly makes every recipe easy and shows a lot of good tricks for the kitchen. She obviously enjoys teaching and always has a smile for everyone.

Our Lunch this time were 3 different main dishes and all of them were delicious!!

Thank you Pearly, this was such a cool day and we loved the food we cooked! We tried a few more cooking classes around, but this one was definitely THE BEST.

Even though we had an amazing lunch, we were hungry in the evening and found a place, that made us feel like being back in Mexico! – Holy Guacamole – we love your fooood <3 and your staff <3 and your drinks <3 We will definitely come back!! People out there…. this place is a MUSTTTTTT if you are in Penang!

For our next morning we planned to visit Penang Hill and it wouldn’t be us if we would not try to be the first ones on the summit. So we got up pretty early, took the first cable car to the top and watched the beautiful sunrise over George Town from up there. After this we chose the longest hiking trail we could find (about 4 km) followed Bina’s orientation and ended up in doing a 13 km walk because of course she chose the wrong directions a few times 😀 After this we went on to Kek Lok Si Temple which is just a 1.7 km walk from the cable car station… so after 13 km… no problem 😀 The heat made us feel sooo tired so we got ourselves some lunch (it was too late for breakfast already), grabbed a bubble tea and did some work (and of course a power nap) in our room 😀

We thought of celebrating that it was one year of travelling this day and so we had dinner at a really nice Indonesian restaurant called Nona Bali. It made us so much look forward to our next destination Indonesia and we loved to try all the delicious food here. After that we had a drink at the bar of Eton Hotel and went to bed happy about the fact that we still have 4 more months of travelling haha

Next day’s morning we planned to visit the national park and do some more hiking, but found out that Martin hurt his foot and could hardly walk… so this is why we went for a nice breakfast, explored the city and checked out vegan sushi for lunch… and we have to say: this is great <3 if you come to Penang… go and eat at Sushi Kitchen!!! Its great! And their concept is just AMAZING! They don’t waste food at all and create Enzyme out of the waste from the veggies. We were also invited to try it and it’s so easyyyyy we’ll make a separate Blog post for this.

And Sushi Kitchen did not just send us amazing food…. it sent us an ANGEL named HOPE <3 She noticed Martins foot problems while we were having a cup of Chinese tea together… took us to a Chinese doctor and he was cured within minutes. We spent the whole day together with her and hope to see her again in Bali <3 Thank you so much… for EVERYTHING!!!

In the evening we could not think about anything else than this amazing food… so we had dinner at another branch of Sushi kitchen and fell asleep afterwards dreaming of vegan sushi 😀

Next day we took an early bus to Kuala Lumpur… so called K.L. (kay. el) by the cool ones haha. Let’s see what this city has to show…

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