One week in Sydney

One week in Sydney

From beautiful Singapore we spontaneously booked a flight to Sydney 😀 Why? Just because Rami, one of Martin’s friends is really good in convincing other people to come 😀 And mybe also because visiting Australia was always on our list haha.

So we had a week time for Sydney now… and then our plans will hopefully bring us to Indonesia 😀

When we arrived in Sydney, we took the metro to Central Station and walked up a hill (with all our 30kgs of luggage that was a workout) to Rami’s appartment, where we were welcomed most friendly and even got a small “survive in Sydney package” from him <3

He just allowed us to have a quick shower and then we made our way to Bondai Beach. OMG how beautiful that area is <3 But Rami’s plan wasn’t to chill at the beach after a 12 hours flight without sleep 😀 He took us for an 8 km walk at the coast till we reached Coogee beach… and it was so much worth to walk this!! The views are amazing and we could not decide which beach was the most beautiful one.

For Dinner we went out to Criniti’s at Darling Harbour – an amazing italian restaurant with beautiful views over Sydney. The food was amazing and the delicious cocktails made our evening a lot of fun.

On our second day we booked a dinner cruise, so that we can explore Sydney by night while enjoying nice food 😀 But we did not have any nice clothes… so we went for a short shopping trip (Okay it took us the whole day… but let’s say it was a short one :D) In the evening we made ourselves ready for Captain’s Dinner by captain Cook Cruises and this experience was a lot more than we expected!!! The boat was beautiful, the food was really delicious and high quality and the views were fantastic! The whole evening was just romantic and perfect <3

On Our third day we enjoyed a really nice healthy breakfast with Rami, walked through China Town and after 7 kms we ended up at Darling Harbour again haha. From there we took the hop on hop off ferry to Watson Bay and had delicious fish and Chips there, went onto the boat again and decided to chill at Manly beach the rest of the day. But as soon as it got a bit colder, we started to explore this place a bit and found an amazing nature walk there that leaded us back to the harbour. But guess what?! We got lost and this ended up in an endless walk…. so we jsut came home, ordered some sushi and spent the evening watching a movie with Rami at home.

We found out that this ferry also goes to the fish market on weekends, so we walked down to the ferry again the next morning and spent our whole day exploring what they offer, having lunch there on the terrace and chill in the sun. In the evening we met Martin’s friends from Illinois (he studied there for one semester with them) and we went out to some bars, where we had a lot of fun (especially by teasing Rami with crazy Dragqueen shows :D)

It was a real pleasure to meet Kai, Ben, Adya, Luke and Synthia… they are all pretty cool 😀

We planned to go for a hike the next day, but we all ended up being hungover haha… so Kai took us to Palm Beach, which was so amazingly relaxing. We spent our whole day there and ended it with a short hike to the lighthouse. The top offered amazing views of the beach area. Thx so much Kai for bringing us there!!!

Day number 6 was just a chillout and working day for us and because we were completely crazy after this just doing nothing, we decided to go out for dinner… and chose Criniti’s again (the food was soooo goood there <3). This time we went to the Wooloomooloo branch and everything was as perfect as in Darling Harbour! We just love this place!! And guess what is Martin’s new favourite word: WOOLOOMOOLOO 😀

Our last day we spent with booking flights to Melbourne for the next day, washing our laundry and trying to look for a new home when we come back to vienna…. not so easy to find a place that feels like home after such long travels -.- Any recommendations?! 😀

In the evening we went out to Oriental House Restaurant and had an amazing last dinner here in Sydney. They created an amazing LOBSTER SAUCE, that we tried at the fish market, and so we just decided to go there and the food was as amazing as we expected it to be after trying that sauce before <3

We really loved our stay here and want to say special thanks to Kai for driving as around and over all to Rami, who made our stay just perfect! Thx for giving us a home, showing us around, for all the late night snacks and for just being YOU and spending time with us!

So NOOOOOOW…. off to Melbourne 😀 of course not without Rami 😀 We’re so excited what this great city offers!

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  • Fagianello
    25. April 2018 5:20

    Rami looks the most meh though like he forgot the memo.

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