Exploring Northwestern Argentina

Exploring Northwestern Argentina

Hey ho fit travelers 🙂 From Puerto Iguazu our travels through Northwestern Argentina went on. We started our journey to Salta, where we found a really nice located hotel called Brisas de Salta where we spent 4 days 🙂

We arrived there by bus quite late and so we just decided to walk through the city a bit and find a nice place for dinner. We really recommend to walk around in Salta when it’s dark because all the monuments and houses are beautifully enlightened and it’s kinda romantic.

The second day we did a free walking tour as in every city, to get to know a bit more about the history and culture, and we have to say that this is also a MUST DO here. The tour is fun, the guides speak really good English and tell their stories with a lot of enthusiasm. This is the poit for us where we wanna say THANK YOU to HOMERO, our guide – we had an amazing time even if a bee stung Bina’s back  😉

The rest of the day we spent visiting the outdoor gyms, chilling in a Cafe and enjoying some Empanadas.

Our third day was really tough coz we booked a tour to Cafayate, what is really beautiful, but don’t choose our tour operater TINTIKAY TOURISM, it is the WORST ever. We spent a lot of time in the car, had only 10 minutes at the nice spots and had to wait two hours at the lunchstop for our guide to come back. Okay… but the spots were great anyway and we don’t want to miss them in our travels.

When we came back at 8, we directly headed on to our Spanish course with Idiomas Salta, which was really fun. We had two hours this day, and two hours the next and learned a lot.

After these amazing days in Salta, we headed on to Purmamarca, which was actually not planned to visit, but we heard a lot of good things about it so we caught the next bus. If you ask yourself: Why do they always go by bus?! – The bus system in Argentina is amazing, always on time and the busses are really comfortable. We love to travel by bus here with our mate tea and the great views of the surroundings.

As we arrived in Purmamarca, we could not believe our eyes. This looked like another planet – Colorful mountains, dry landscapes, lots of strange plants and it was REALLY WINDY haha.

We went to our hotel Hostal posta de Purmamarca, which is an eco hotel located directly in the mountains. It’s an amazing place because all the areas are decorated with so much love and everything is eco friendly. AND they have LAMAS 😀 We love lamas haha. Especially Bina loves them because their face always makes her laugh and they are so fluffffffyyyyyy (more fluffy than unicorns :D)

As it was already late when we arrived, we just went for dinner and found out that it’s common in Argentina to eat the main course first, followed by the soup 😀

The next morning the wind was gone and after a healthy breakfast we started to explore the 3 km round trip through the mountains. This was sooooo beautiful, with every step you take the landscape changes a bit, the colors are amazing and it’s like entering a new world. We spent a lot of time in the mountains, took a lot of sideways to some peaks around and as soon as we finished our trek, the wind came again – what is normal here as the hotel staff told us.

The next day we went to the nearby salt desert, called Salinas Grandes, by taxi, what was the best decision ever. The first Tourist shuttles go there at 11.30, we started our trip at 8, so we were the only people exploring the Salinas 😀

The third day was our hiking day and we spent it to climb the top of Cerro Morado and walk around its peak line to the next mountain. Greaaaat thing, but we would recommend to do this on the first day, coz it gives the perfect overview of Siete Colores from above 🙂

This was our last day in Argentina and we were a bit sad to take- guess what – THE BUUUUUUS to Bolivia. But some more adventures are waiting there for us… so we had to move on.

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