Mexico – from the Caribbean to the Pacific Coast

Mexico – from the Caribbean to the Pacific Coast

Hey travellers, sadly we had to leave Cozumel after meeting lots of great people and having amazing days under water. By ferry and bus we went on to Merida, a city that is described as charming, beautiful and calm…. for us it was NOT 😀

We liked the city center and some of the buildings, but as soon as you leave the old town, the city gets loud, dirty and not relaxing at all. In our opinion one night here is enough to do explore the beautiful centre of Merida, enjoy the nice food and walk through the streets at night.

We could recommend staying at Hotel Residencial, which is a bit outside, but has very reasonable prices, a nice pool area and a good restaurant.

For dinner we can highly recommend

  • Restaurant Chaya Maya and
  • Pizzeria Eskondido

Both offer really good food for reasonable prices.

Our next stop on the way to the Pacific coast was Palenque, that is described as loud and not so nice…. but in our case… we loved it. It’s not loud at all, the streets are safe, beautiful and we loved the cheap Veggie Tacos at the main plaza (best choice: El Caracol de Jade)

We came here to see the Maya Ruins and Bina actually expected NOTHING because the Tulum ruins were really disappointing for her. As we came there we took an old guide who showed us all the places, where no tourists were and we habe to say: these ruins are just IMPRESSIVE! they are huge, you can enter most of them, the jungle around is great and the whole atmosphere is amazing. We spent the whole day in the ruin area and it was so much worth the 70 pesos of entry fee.

The next day we went on to San Cristobal, which is an amazingly beautiful city. here we stayed in a really nice bed and breakfast hostel called Snail B&B, that was located in the center of San Cristobal. Sadly we had only one day here and tried to visit as much as possible.

The best thing is definitely to visit the small hill with the church, where you have a great view over the town.

And the second best thing was to stop at the Temazcal before heading on to our night bus ride – it was only 13 degrees in San Cristobal and we came out of this steam bath so totally relaxed 😀

So after a 9 hours bus ride from San Cristobal we finally reached the Pacific coast! YEAAAH – the endless bus ride action stops here 😀 Our fist stop here was Huatulco 😀 but that’s another blog post 😉

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