Turnon 2016

Turnon 2016

Hey FitFam!

Today we wanna report from our week as Skipper and Host on Turnon – the high school graduation trip!

Turnon is a graduation trip of another of a very different kind. The guests book an all-inclusive week on a sailing yacht. Every day, the fleet of up to 50 boats head for another destination, alternating Croatia’s beautiful port cities and stunning bays. During the days, the guests can choose whether to chill on the boat, sail or take advantage of the numerous water sports opportunities.

Our travel to the departure marina, where we are supposed to take over the yacht, was somewhat chaotic. After 8 hours driving and almost reaching Krvavica, we received the information that we should get our boat from Skradin… that meant for us: turn around, drive 1 hour back :/

Arriving in Skradin, our Boat “Theressia Anna” was still under preparation to be ready for Turnon. The friendly owner of the charter company, Boris, gave us a brief introduction to the boat and proofed to be a fantastic storyteller when sharing some wine with us.

Next day, we got off at 4 am in order to leave the marina as soon as it was not dark anymore. The reason was that Robert, the Skipper Supervisor expected us to arrive in the Krvavica marina at 1pm.

The passage in the morning was overwhelming. Extraordinary calm sea, bright sunshine and enough time to introduce Bina to the art of sailor knots. To the surprise of Martin, she was very enthusiastic in learning how to use the knots.

When arriving at Krvavica marina on time, Bina got to know also the moorig line and “römisch katholisch anlegen”. From this moment on, she knows why a parking space is never too small for Martin. The parking slot for our boat in the marina was so small that she couldn’t even see it and she thought that the boat would never fit. Nevertheless, Martins parking skills proved her wrong

After docking the boat, we immediately began to stow the provisions for the upcoming week on the boat. Dragging of Food and beverages through the marina at 40 degrees Celsius proved to be the perfect strength-endurance workout. After stowing the boat we prepared everything to give our guests for the week a warm welcome. Martin, as an experience Turnon Skipper knew that the moment when you are waiting to get to know your crew is one of the most thrilling moments throughout the week. After a delicious dinner prepared by Bina, the guests got ready for their first turnon party night. We, on the other side, had a relaxed evening and went to our bed on deck of the sailing yacht with the great view at the stars.

Finally, 7 amazing girls entered our boat and we knew it’s gonna be great week with them! After a delicious dinner prepared by Sabrina, we had some drinks all together. After a long day we fell into our “bed” on deck of the boat, under the perfect starry sky and began to dream of the upcoming sailing days.

The upcoming 7 days brought the best weather that dalmatia can offer in summer and we had a wonderful turn around the islands Brac and Hvar.

During the day, the guests had – besides chilling on the boat – the chance to do water sports, chilling on the sangria island or explore the amazing cities of the Dalmatian Riviera. Of course, on our boat there was a sporty extra. We did a daily whole body workout on our boat with our guests – what could be better as to work out with that amazing view? Obviously, our work out sessions got acknowledged also on other boats, since they joined us at our sessions  🙂

In the evening, there were always great parties in the bays and cities. The party mottos range from pirate, silent, beach and boat party to white night and more.

Bina proved to be a very handy Co-Skipper and really enjoyed to learn about sailing. However, sometimes her clumsiness took over; for example when she fell with her foot into a hatch that was even smaller than her foot. Bina is always the one who laughs the most about her clumsiness and after Martin has dressed the wound immediately, all was good again 🙂

The week was over in no time and on the last day we sadly had to say goodbye to our 7 girls. For us it was clear: next year, we wanna go back again to work on Turnon! This is, in fact, a graduation trip that we can recommend to everyone, since one not only has a fantastic time with classmates and new friends but also has a great experience in nature.

Thanks to everyone who made that week special to us!

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  • Tiger
    12. January 2017 3:25

    Por acaso já repararam que agora, quando aparecem aquele filmes com "bolinha", a mensagem de aviso "este filme pode conter cenas eventualmente … etc etc", agora escrevem &qeae;espttodores"?????Espetadorus???? Era quem lhes espetasse um belo dum bufardo na facies :)(pelo menos na RTP2, que foi onde já várias vezes me ri a bom rir com essa estupidez)

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