Iguassu Falls- Which side should you visit?

Iguassu Falls- Which side should you visit?

Hey guys 🙂 We actually did not plan to visit the Iguassu Falls, but a lot of pepole said this was the best thing they saw on their travels and the flight to go there was quite cheap, destiny leaded us to this amazing place. But as some people told us the Brazilian side is better and some told us the Argentinean one is more impressive there was one big question coming up: Iguassu Falls- Which side should you visit?

We decided to see both sides and review them for you so here’s our overview of: Foz do Iguacu VS Puerto Iguazu

Foz do Iguacu:

The town:

  • cute little town
  • lots of busses going to the main attractions and the neighbor countries (Paraguay, Argentina)
  • good steakhouses
  • a bit more expensive than Puerto Iguazu

The falls:

  • gives a good overview how big these falls are
  • is more for the lazy people who do not like to walk around a lot 😉
  • the boat tour is MUCH MORE expensive here, do it on the Argentinean side (it’s exactly the same tour ;))
  • Perfect for pictures of the falls and the rainbows there
  • you only need one day to explore the falls from this side

Puerto Iguazu:

The Town:

The Falls:

  • Less crowded
  • more hiking trails
  • you can come a lot closer to the falls
  • you can meet the devil in person 😉 –> no but you can directly watch it’s throat haha
  • The boat tour by Iguazu Jungle is muuuuch cheaper here! And as a recommendation: Do just the boat tour, the jungle drive is not really an adventure ;), but the boat trip is a MUST!!! The best way to experience the falls.
  • AMAZING views
  • great picture locations
  • You need more than one day to explore everything
  • There is a train in the park- a really slow one but it’s so much fun to feel like a granny riding this one haha

All in all we could really recommend you to visit both sides of the Iguassu falls, but if you only have time for one… we would recommend you to choose the Argentinean one 😉

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