Healthy rice breakfast

Healthy rice breakfast

Hey Guys 🙂 Today we wanted to start the day with a special healthy rice breakfast. Normally you use muesli or granola as basic with fruit topping. We just used spelt rice. It was kinda spontaneous because we had curry with that rice yesterday evening and we just used the rest of it and found out that it tastes great with fresh fruits and yoghurt.

Ingredients of this healthy rice breakfast:
  • Spelt rice (about one glass of it)
  • Fresh plain Yoghurt
  • Fruits or your choice (normally we would prefer Strawberries, Bananas and Papaya… but it’s winter in Austria… there are no Austrian Strawberries available at this time and so we decided to use the seasonal fruits – Banana and Apple)
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar or honey if you like it super sweet…. we try to avoid these sweeteners
  1. Cook the spelt rice if you don’t have a rest from your former meal prepared already 🙂
  2. Cut the Fruits into bite sized pieces and add them to your rice based muesli 🙂
  3. Top it with yoghurt and cinnamon
  4. Add some sugar or honey if you need it for sweeter taste
  5. Enjoy your healthy breakfast

You can vary your basic muesli and the fruits every day… so you will never get bored of your healthy breakfast 🙂 if any questions appear – don’t be shy to ask 🙂


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