“Healthy” Lasagna alla Alpha Athletics

“Healthy” Lasagna alla Alpha Athletics

Hey Fitfam…

We know… Lasagna can never be really healthy… but there are these days… when your body just tells you to eat that great italian dish. so wie tried to make it as healthy as possible with a really nice taste… 😀

Ingredients for abour 8 servings (~350 kcal per serving)

  • 2 cups fat free cottage cheese
  • 2 cups reduced fat mozzarella cheese
  • i egg white
  • 500 grams low fat minced meat
  • fresh tomatoes
  • whole grain lasagna noodles
  • 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • Basil


  1. Mix cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese and eggs white in a medium bowl.
    Cook the Minced meat until browned. Stir in the tomatoes and flovour ith with spices of your choice and the basil
  2. Start with the uncooked lasagna noodles, put them on the ground of a baking tin and top them with the selfmade tomato meat sauce. Top it again with lasagna noodles and cottage cheese mixture.
  3. Repeat layers. Top each with 2 lasagna noodles, remaining Meat tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese and the left mozarella.
  4. Bake at 400° F for 30 minutes or until hot. Let stand 10 minutes.
  5. Enjoy your kinda healthy Lasagna
Healthy Lasagna by Alpha Athletics


  • Tanja
    23. January 2017 15:33

    Schaut sehr lecker aus!! ☺️

    • Alpha Athletics
      23. January 2017 15:33

      danke :*

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