Gili Air

Gili Air

From Ubud we planned to spend our last 4 nights in Indonesia at GILI AIR, that should show amazing beaches, beautiful turquoise waters and a mixture of island Vibes and Party. We did a bit of research and found a company that picked us up from the Hotel and brings us directly to Gili, without going back to Kuta first . EKA JAYA! Thx for this amazing service.

At 10.30 in the morning they picked us up and surprisingly all people AND the luggage somehow fitted into the van. The driver was friendly and after an hour we reached the harbor. We waited there for… about 2 or 3 hours until our boat left and made it’s way to Gili We were a bit disappointed because we were the last ones leaving BUT this feeling disappeared as soon as the boat left. They turned on great music, we chilled on the sun deck and were just happy about being on a boat again – we just LOOOOVE BOATS <3

As soon as we could see the 3 Islands of Gili, we got very excited to arrive, but strangely we passed all 3 and arrived in Lombok. After asking why we did not go to Gili, they informed us that we left too late and so we did not have time to stop at Gili Islands. So we had to get a small boat, walk all the way to reach it with our luggage without any help AND Bina hurt her leg by trying to crawl onto the boat with the backpacks and all the people pushing her. BUT the good thing was, we did not have to pay for the boat again 🙂 So all good, we reached Gili happily 😀

We made our way to our home for the next 4 days: OLD VILLAGE at Gili Air. It’s an amazingly quiet, family run hotel with beautiful cottages, home made healthy breakfast and super friendly staff. it was definitely love at first sight when we arrived and a baby cat welcomed us. The crew informed us that they offer free tea and coffee whenever you want (even iced coffee and homemade ice tea) and we immediately felt like home here. The terrace was perfect for our morning workouts and we loved to chill around in the garden with all the people in the evening.

As soon as we moved into our room the first day, we made our way to 7Seas Dive Center. We needed to check out our dive schedule for the next days, coz this was one of the reasons why we came here… THE DIVES <3

Glen and Kanton from 7Seas organized two dives for us on the next morning, and we also planned a ocean cleaning dive on Wednesday. Even if they had to face some problems with the government (they suddenly planned to build a bigger road and just crushed their whole main building down to do this) they were super friendly, organized and positive thinking all the time. WE LOVED THEIR ATTITUDE!

Next morning we were friendly welcomed on the boat, and they took us to a beautiful divesite, where we had an amazing dive. The visibility was AMAZING, the marine life was bautiful and we first saw a SHARK, a cuttlefish and a really really huge turtle.

Due to the fact that we both had a bit of a cold and they had a lot of work to do with moving stuff around and organize everything in their new building, we just decided to skip our second dive and check out the beaches of Gili Air.

Even if they are reorganizing the whole beach area at the moment, it’s still a beautiful place and we were looking forward to our beach session the next day.

Then our ocean cleaning  day came <3 7Seas Dive is one of the companies that supports Dive against Debris and they clean the ocean around Gili Air once a week. We started our day spontaneously with a dive at Shark Point, that was just amazing and in the afternoon they gave us a huge bag and a glove and our dive around the house reef started. We spent 53 minutes down there and all in all picked up 12 kg of plastic stuff. The reward was a beautiful turtle that passed by during our safety stop 😀 We would love to this more often and we will for sure find a way to support it from back home.

Thanks to 7Seas Dive for this awesome experience!! We will for sure come back.

The next day we sadly had to leave the Island (again with Eka Jaya) and get ready for our flight to Bangkok the next day 😀

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