From Udawalawe to Arugambay

From Udawalawe to Arugambay

From our short stay in Udawalawe and due to a recommendation we got from our friend “Japan”, we started our way to Arugambay. It’s an about 6 hours bus ride – this time with only two busses *g*
• First from Udawalawe to Monaragala
• Second from Monaragala to Panama and here you have to jump out at the Arugam Bay
As we arrived, we checked out the hotel so many people told us about and from the first moment on we fell in love with the great chillout atmosphere at the Beach Hut Hotel. It’s cheap and the huts are directly next to the beach. Also the food that’s offered here every evening is really delicious and there are small squirrels = “Hörnchen” everywhere <3
We planned to stay here for a few days and enjoy the beach time and go surfing – okay just Martin wants to surf, Bina is not so much into water sports and prefers to do her yoga workouts on the beach or take pics 😀

For breakfast and also for Dinner we found only one place here that’s better than our Hotel… It’s called Surfers Park and offers the best homemade muesli and Sri Lankan curry breakfast we had here so far. The owner Thomas always cares about his customers and gives them more fruits, curry and tea if they aren’t full after their first serve. Thank you for being so kind to us Thomas and thank you also for the recommendations for the safari to Yala – we’re so much looking forward to it.

Surfing in Arugambay

While chilling at the beach and having a nice time lying in the sun reading and relaxing, we met Raheem. He’s an expert surfing teacher and as Martin decided to take some surfing lessons, he offered us to show us some nice spots. Martin’s last surfing action was more than 5 years ago and that’s why he thought some practice would be great.

So we met next morning at 6 am at the beach (yeah pretty early for Bina – but heyyyyy she has to get used to that even if she’s the most grumpy person ever in the morning if you don’t wake her up with food 😀 – glad that we still have some energy cakes with us). Raheem took us to Whiskey Bay and did some practicing with Martin outside the water and after 10 minutes he was ready for the water to catch some waves.

After a few tries he stood his first wave and had fun surfing for more than 3 hours. All the time Raheem gave him some new tipps and helped him to get better and better. It was a great experience for both of us. Martin coz he improved his surfing skills and Bina coz she loves seeing her boyfriend in that surfing positions – oh yes this guy as a surfer is definitely sexy 😉 (even more sexy than working in a suit – sorry dad 😉 I know you like his “Bankdirector-Outfit” ;))

So if somebody ever comes to Arugambay for some surfing lessons –> call “Mr take it easy” for cheap and private help. You will love it.

Phone: 0094 725 658 185




Tomorrow… OMG… we have to wake up as early as we did today haha… because we travel to Yala National Park for doing another Safari (hopefully we’ll see some leopards) and camp in a tree house to sleep in between all the animals <3 Nature here in Sri Lanka is so beautiful… watch out for the pictures

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