From Singapore to Bali

From Singapore to Bali

Hey travellers 🙂 From Melbourne we tried to find a cheap flight to Bali, but we were definitely a bit late so we just found one with scoot via Singapore. But hey… who cares staying one night in this awesome city?!

We tried to find another hotel, that is easy to reach from the airport and that offers  us an amzing view and a pool for our one night stay… and found HOTEL BOSS! This was the perfect place to stay for one night…. but words cannot describe the feeling… just check the pics and imagine being there <3

Next afternoon we got our flight to Bali and expected a crowded touristy place… and as we chose a really cheap place to stay…. we expected it to be nothing special. But as soon as we arrived, we were more than surprised, the traffic was bad, but still the island has a very nice and relaxing vibe. And as we arrived at HOTEL DAYU, we could not belive our eyed. This place was just an oasis <3 It was quiet, the room was big and clean, we had an amazing pool there and the breakfast was delicious. If you ever wanna go to Bali and look for a cheap nice place… this is the place to go 😉

Kuta restaurant recommendation:

  • Shinta Warung – Located in a side street next to the shopping mall, this restaurant is a secret recommendation we got from locals. It serves amazing Indonesian dishes to very affordable prices and we kind of spent every evening there enjoying Satay 😀

WE spent 3 days in Kuta, renting a motorbike and fighting against millions of traffic jams 😀 And besides that, we checked out all the beaches around Legian, Seminyak and Canggu and found out that even if they are not litereally beautiful, they have something spacial and make you feel like being exactly where you should be.

From Kuta we made our way to Ubud where we again found an amazing place to stay for 4 nights. Nick’s pension is located near the city centre of Ubud but it’s still quiet, offers a great pool area and the restaurant serves amazing affordable food. So if you don’t feel like going out, this place offers all you need and the staff is super friendly.

Our restaurant tips in Ubud :

  • Nick’s Restaurant: Serves beautifully prepared dishes for very reasonable prices and the’re just delicious <3
  • Spice by Chris Salans – This place is just something really special. It offers delicious healthy western style foods, just made of Indonesian ingredients and spices. Believe us, this misture is amazingly tasty!!! Just see some of the dishes we had and tell us you’d not wanna go there!!

Ubud was an amazing place for workouts. We started our day with an 8 km walk through the ricefields every day, followed by a 30 minutes workout in the beautiful garden area of our hotel. Sadly we didn’t have enough time to climb a volcano, but it’s definitely a MUST too.

Before lunch we went for a short run (Bina still hates that) or did a nice Yoga session and after that, we rewarded ourselves with a treatment in Nick’s Spa. Usually we do one treatment and that’s it… but here the massages, scrubs, flowerbaths,… were just so totally relaxing and THE BEST we’ve ever had.

From beautiful quiet Ubud, we made the way to our last Bali stop: GILI AIR!! And for sure we go there for diving 😀 But this will be another post because we plan some specials how to keep the ocean clean 😀

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