From Cape Town to Namibia

From Cape Town to Namibia

Hey Fit Travelers out there πŸ™‚ As you know we’ve been to Cape Town the last week and as the time came to head on to our next destination, we were really a bit sad because we liked the city and the people there so much πŸ™ But okay… on a world travel you can’t stay on just one place, so this is why we checked the flights to Rio de Janeiro πŸ˜€ – and found out that they are much cheaper from Namibia. Soooooo: how to get from Cape Town to Namibia?!
We found an amazing offer by Nomad Tours Africa, where you go by truck from Cape town to Windhoek, including al camping equipment, food and amazing adventures πŸ˜€ Offer found and booked On our first day we all met in the office of Nomad Adventure Tours Africa in Cape Town for meeting the people who travel with us and at 7 am our trip with Roy (our truck), Mbusi (our driver and guide) and Maurice (our Chefcook) began.
We made a last stop for a look back to Table Mountain and then we traveled across the Piekenierskloof Pass on our way to the Cedarberg Region. The Cedarberg region shows spectacular mountains and orange farms and it is also the home of the Rooibos bush tea. We started with a wine tasting on the way before lunch, ate amazing tuna sandwiches at a picnic site and after a quite long drive we arrived in our camp. All people were setting up their tents – which is pretty easy- and made themselves ready for a traditional African dinner nest to the fire place. What an amazing first day of our tour. After a lot of food and some dinks, we fell into our cozy beds in the tents and dreamed of our next day’s adventures.
Next Day we woke up after a really cold night, but with the smell of fresh made breakfast. We did a short morning workout, broke down our camp and enjoyed fresh muesli, eggs and toast with an amazing view over the orange farms of the camp before we headed on to Namaqualand, that presented us our first experience of the Desert vistas that will accompany us in the days ahead. We continued our journey north and after a short shopping trip in Springbok, we drove to our camp on the banks of the Orange River. IN Springbok we found our love for Biltong, which is something similar to beef jerky, but much cheaper haha. We bought New Sunscreen, lots of water and new “Zopfgummis” because Martin looses them all πŸ˜€ After setting up our Camp we had dinner at the campfire and some of our freaky tour members had a swim in the river – Martin Included πŸ˜‰ Beginning its journey in the mountains of Lesotho the Orange River is the longest river in South Africa and offers a unique contrast to the desert landscapes along its banks.

The next morning some of us were doing a canoe trip on the river the others were chilling, swimming or doing some other sporty activities in the campsite. Today we had a short travel in comparison to some other days and Roy drove us to a campsite next to Fish River Canyon, one of the largest in the world. We crossed the border into Namibia before and had some ice cream all together. We really found out that the people we’re travelling with are really cool and we started to have a lot of fun with them. This afternoon we took a walk along the rim of the canyon and ended our day with an amazing sunset on the canyon edge and a great dinner back at the campsite.

Every overland journey has some long travelling days and the next day was one of those as we ventured deeper into the Namib Desert. Our destination was the dune fields that cover the western reaches of the desert. Long dusty and bumpy roads offered us an insight into the vastness of the desert of Namibia. We stopped a few times for BUSHI BUSHI (this is what they call peeing in nature :D) and lunch and that night we camped on the doorstep of the dune fields at an amazing campsite. We had dinner and heard some cool voodoo stories, had some beers together and enjoyed the evening.

The next morning we had to get up early early (in Mbusi’s words it’s not just early… it’s early early :D)for watching the sunrise over the red dunes. A challenging climb up Dune 45 offered us the perfect point to marvel at the changing colours of the desert sunrise and of course a great morning workout. After enjoying our time there and taking some great pics we descended the dune and enjoyed a hearty breakfast before we jumped into a 4Γ—4 transfer into Sossusvlei. Here we had some time to explore the desert of Deadvleiby foot and then we visited the famous Sossusvlei dune for a quick picture. Too bad that there was not enough time to climb it :D. We went on to our next camp after having lunch and in the afternoon we joined a local expert for an educational desert excursion. This was so funny coz he explained all the death in the desert in a really funny way and he just showed us how to survive in this dry landscape. Most important rule: If an animal comes don’t move! (Yeeeeah don’t move when a snake crawls onto you – realistic haha) Tonight we watched the wild animals drinking water directly next to our tents and had a great sleep under the sky full of stars.

The next Morning we continued our journey west and made our way to Swakopmund, where adventure and a dose of civilisation was waiting for us – okay it was more like a city of walking dead because there were really not many people and lots of empty streets πŸ˜€ but it was cool and we looove this crazy name πŸ™‚ Reluctantly we left the Namib behind and after a stop for a group picin front of the Tropic of Capricorn, we continued to the Atlantic coastline. We also made a brief stop at the Walvis Bay lagoon, where we saw some flamingos haha. Birds – Bina’s favourites (NOOOOT). As we arrived in Swakopmund we had the opportunity to book some adventure tours and for us there was just one that made us exciting when we heard it: SKYDIVING πŸ™‚ So we just booked that and got a little nervous when we thought of our next day’s plan. And this was also the Moment when Karin turned out to be the coolest person ever πŸ˜€ She’s on our tour with her children and she just decided at the age of 53 to jump out of a plane together with her family and us. Karin- YOU ARE GREAT πŸ˜€ After this we just moved into our hotels – yes we have a hotel here for two nights which is just run by the cutest lady ever and then we all met for dinner and had an amazing evening all together πŸ™‚
The next day started with a short breakfast a lot of watching skydive videos and of course no lunch because we were all nervous πŸ˜€ Jumping out of a plane is not a thing you do every day and so we were just excited to get this done. We were picked up, got a short introduction and then the adventure started. After a 15 minutes flight in a really short plane, we were strapped onto Derick and Ramon, the teased us a bit with telling us there’s something wrong with the equipment and then after 3 seconds… we just flew through the sky. What an amazing feeling and the pics and videos tell more than words can say πŸ˜‰ This was one of the best experiences we ever made and we are sooooo sure to do this again πŸ˜€

The next morning we travelled a section of the famous Skeleton Coast road and of course arrived in our camp on time to chillax a bit – NOOOOOOT haha! We took the wrong road and arrived really late so that we just built up the camp, had a sort desert walk to the bushman’s paintings and saw the sunset behind Spitzkoppe and the “Jammerfelsen” (Sry but only Manu knows what that means, this an insider, we always try to see faces in rocks :D) After that we enjoyed dinner altogether and went to bed because our next day started early again.
We continued north and on our way we visited a project that will introduce us to the Himba people of Northern Namibia. But this was really disappointing. It was like visiting people in the zoo and it did not seem real to us. So we just had a short visit there and went on to our camp for the night and prepared for two magical days of game viewing in Etosha National Park.
Rising early that morning we started our journey. Etosha is the venue for some of the most unique game viewing experiences in Africa. On our way we just had a crazy suicide bird that flew against our car window πŸ˜€ So this thing was broken and we had a windy drive for the next days πŸ˜€
We had a full-day to explore the edges of Etosha Pan but after the first game drive in the morning, we saw the pool in the Campsite. We just decided to skip the afternoon drive and chill at the pool and do a workout. All this sitting in the bus makes fitness trainers go crazy and we had to move a bit. Evenings in Etosha are best spent at the floodlit waterholes at the camps and so did we. It was just amazing to sit there and watch the wild animals coming really close after doing some sports and having a great dinner.
Our second day in Etosha allowed us another full day to continue the exploration of the park. We had an awesome early morning game drive and saw so many wild animals. Also the one in the afternoon was amazing and because this was our last dinner together, Maurice prepared something really special – it was chicken barbecue day and he also made a bushcake for us πŸ˜€ We sat at the fire and moved to the waterhole later, where it turned out to be baby time πŸ˜€ Every animal who came there for drinking, had a mini version of himself with him. What a great last evening.
The next day we just headed on to Windhoek where we said goodbye to our Nomad family and the truck and prepared ourselves for two days of working and getting ready for RIO πŸ˜‰