Exploring Zanzibar and Tanzania

Exploring Zanzibar and Tanzania

Hey Fitties. After spending the last month in Croatia, we just decided spontaneously to head on to Africa. We were just looking for a nice place for practicing yoga, doing sorts and get some of our work done and found the perfect place for it: ZANZIBAR 😀 (and after that Tanzania main land)

We booked an amazing lodge called Hakunamajiwe, where we found our home for the next 10 days.

Every day started with sunrise Yoga at the endless white beach, followed by an amazing breakfast at the lodge. Then we did some work while chilling at the pool – could be worse 😀

We  also did a 3 days kite surfing course, Martin enjoyed it a lot, Bina hated it a lot haha. She’s definitely not so much into water sports 😀

Hakunamajiwe offered  healthy drinks all day long and we could reall recommend this place for everyone. It’s perfect for relaxation, sports and enjoying beautiful Zanzibar. And the best: It’s really affordable <3

Before heading on to our next destination we spent two night in the old city of Stone Town, which is an amazing place to visit. Our recommendation for a cheap and beautiful hostel is: Ikala Lodge Zanzibar, coz you can reach everything by walk and it’s located directly next to the harbour where you can watch the beautiful sunset.

After our amazing stay in Zanzibar, we headed on to Arusha from where we booked a 10 days Safari Trip with Global Adventure Safaris.

On our first day we arrived at Arusha Airport, which is one of the cutest we’ve seen so far 😀 Edward and his partner Elias picked us up there and showed us our hotel. After a short rest we discussed the schedule for the next days and then Elias took us through Arusha City. We visited a Massai craft market, local markets and did some sightseeing. After that we had dinner with Edward, Elias and some friends at a local barbeque place and enjoyed the evening together.

Our first real Safari say started with a nice breakfast and then we were experiencing the local transports of Arusha. The Dalla Dallas are… ääähm… crowded, small and old… but somehow it’s fun to use it. After quite a long while, we reached our final destination – a campsite in the mountains of Arusha, with an amazing view over the valley. We built our tents there and chilled a bit, and suddenly the guide, called Samuel, told us to turn around. There was a biiiig Giraffe standing directly behind us. We stood there for a while, taking some pictures and after our lunchbreak we started a walking Safari through the wilderness. We saw lots of giraffes and Samuel told us everything about the nature there. It was an amazing day and as it started to get cold outside (yes it gets cold in Africa at night haha) we were really happy to have dinner at the campfire 🙂

The next morning we had to wake up early to catch the sunrise. We started walking to a Massai village (okay Bina was more crawling like a Zombie – she hates getting up when it’s still dark) to experience their life. It was very cool to help them milking their cows and we found out some interesting things ^^ There is one king of the maissai Village (The only man living there) and he has a lot of wifes and children. Every hut in the village belongs to one wife and their children and so cou can count the huts of a village and know how many wifes the king has 😀 Samuel told us there is one King, that has 50 women and about 10 children with every of them. Sometimes it happens that he even does not recognize that these children are his ones haha.

When we came back we had breakfast and soon started our trekking Safari to another viewpoint which was just amazing. It’s so exciting to walk through the wildlife of Africa, directly next to all the animals 😀

We were really sad that we had to leave this place but we had to go back to Arusha coz our next day was planned to be there. We visited Sanmaritian Village. It’s a place where children who were left by their parents find help, love and education. This day was one of our favourites, coz we could really feel how happy the children were when we were playing with them and sharing our love. We would recommend this for everyone who comes to Tanzania, coz there are not children who want you to give them money… they are just happy if people love them. In the afternoon we did some new braids and this is why we spent our evening with just watching a view episodes of GOT (thx to Wolfgang, who uploaded this to our Hard Drive hehe) – we had a bad headache coz the first day the braids are so tight that it makes you feel like you get a face-lifting 😀

The next day our Safari started with a broken tire haha. But after changing it in the wilderness of Africa, we headed on to Tarangire National Park to have our first Game Drive. And it was just stunning. After that we had an overnight stay at beautiful Sunbright Campsite and as we can find no words how perfect this day was…. see the pics below 🙂

Next day we had a looong drive to Serengeti but it was more than worth it. We had an afternoon Game Drive there and the first time in our lives we saw wild lions, leopards and cheetahs. After this great experience we were camping directly in the National Park and enjoyed the amazing view with an endless amount of stars.

Early morning the next day our Sunrise Game Drive started and it was asstunning as the day before. Serengeti offers such beautiful landscapes and such a wide range of wild animals. we just loved it <3 After having a Pizza Brunch at the Camp, we just started our long way back to Ngorongoro Campsite. NGORONGORO 😀 the word is so funny.. isn’t it :D?! We stayed there with some wild elephants and an amazing view over the crater and overnighted at the camp cuddling in warm sleeping bags – it got really cold at night coz the camp is at the height of 2700 meters.

Our last day of safari started with a Morning Game Drive in Ngorongoro Crater where we sa the last of the Big Five animals. The rhino 😀 – okay it was really really far away but we saw it through the binoculars 😀

After that we came back to Arusha and spent the night at a volunteer house, together with nice people working in the city. Now we’re ready to head on to South Africa – so watch out for our next report.

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