Exploring a bit of Salvador

Exploring a bit of Salvador

Hey fitties! Our next Stop for 3 nights was Salvador. We stayed at Studio do Carmo, directly in Pelourinho, which is the city center of the old town because we wanted to explore all the sights in a short time. The location of our hotel was perfect for this plan and we really enjoyed this place.

As we arrived there, we found out that even exploring this area can be a bit of sport for most of the people because the roads are steep and you make a lot of ups and downs while walking through Pelourinho.

The first day we were quite lucky with the weather so we decided to visit the most important sights:

  • The Church(es) -there are looots of them 😀
  • The Elevators – we did not use them haha- sporty people prefer not to wait in the line… they just walk down to the pier 😉
  • Mercado Modelo – The market on the pier
  • The Lighthouse
  • The Nautic Museum
  • BEACHES 😀 – or lots of people chilling on a bit of sand 😀

Salvador is quite a nice city but all the houses are a bit dirty and there are lots of beautiful places that are combined with a really disgusting toilet smell… which makes them not so beautiful any more 😀

The second day it was raining and so we used this day for updating our Blog that our family knows we’re still alive :D, getting in contact with our best friends so that we’re up to date with home’s news (THX ICI haha) and enjoyed watching some episodes of GOT 😀

The third day was just having an amazing breakfast and then starting our way to Morro de Sao Paulo – Yeaaaaaahhhhh island feeling <3

Okay so let’s sum it up:

Salvador is a nice place for 2-3 days, but for us this was enough. Bina really did not enjoy all the strange smells and she was attacked by big drops falling off from houses the whole time. Noone speaks even a word of English and she nearly freaked out in trying to understand Portuguese. Salavdor was not really her favourite place… but in Martin’s words – who liked this place more than she did, it was a nice time and the Cocos are really cheap 😀

Rainy weather, but still COCOOOO 😀


  • Artur Young
    10. October 2017 2:42

    Its a shame that You had this kind of a bit superficial experience of Salvador. The other part of the Old town, St Antonio do Carmo is simply beautiful, much cleaner, Bay views. Salvador has innumerous beaches spread over its extension of 50km, plenty of choice. You have also beautiful sunsets, beaches with waves and beaches without waves in the bay. Salvador is the oldest city of Brazil and was its capital for over 300 years. Its historical center is under the UNESCO World Heritage protection. Salvador has a quite unique, strong culture; such as music, cuisine & arts. Famous for worlds largest street Carnaval.

    • Alpha Athletics
      17. October 2017 1:39

      Thx for the recommendation 🙂 We’ll visit this part next time when we come to Salvador for sure

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