Exploring Ilha Grande

Exploring Ilha Grande

Hey fit travellers ūüôā We got a lot of recommendations where to go next from friends in Rio and everyone mentioned a place called Ilha Grande (ILIA GRANSCHI *g*) So we tried to find a way to get there and found a company named Easy Transfer that brings you from your hotel to the pier of Abrao directly, which is the main pier of Ilha Grande. The guide picked us up at 10.30 in the morning and we had a really chilled drive in a van to Agra dos Reis, where we had to catch a boat to Abrao.

The weather was bad on our travel day but the travel was much fun. We loved the boat trip and coming closer to the island life. As we entered the island we felt like home and we really loved that place. There are lots of cool bars and nice restaurants at the beach and all the people seem to live a happy life.

The first 3 nights we stayed at the Marlin Hostel, which is located in Abrao, just 2 minutes away from the beach. It’s a cheap option to stay at Ilha Grande and it offers really nice breakfast and the owners are very friendly and help you to find the best beaches and hiking trips around.

We loved to start our day with a short beach workout or a morning run before breakfast and after that we started to hike to one of the beaches around. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Lopez Mendezs: The hike to get there is so much fun climbing through the jungle, but the beaches on the way are much more quiet and beautiful than Lopez Mendes itself.
  • Praja Crena: Not a long hike but it’s a really beautiful beach with just one bar where you can enjoy live music while chilling at the beach


After our stay in Abrao, we decided to spend a bit more money and stay next to Lagoa Azul, which should be one of the most beautiful places on Ilha Grande. And it definitely is!! When we arrived at our hotel called Paraiso Azul Retiro, we could not believe our eyes. Crystal clear water, an amazingly relaxed atmosphere, SUP boards and Kayaks for free to paddle around and a YOGA HALL that motivates you to practise every day. Or even twice every day haha. We went on and found Martin, the owner of this amazing paradise who showed us around an helped us to find some more amazing places of his hotel. He showed us the Sauna and the Jacuzzi with an amazing view over the lagoon and our room which was directly next to the Yoga hall. We were so happy that we decided to stay here for 4 more nights and so we started to enjoy this beautiful island even more.

We started every day with a Yoga session before breakfast, and then we did a kayak trip to the beaches around or to Lagoa Azul and chilled at the private beach with an Acai bowl. One day the weather was really bad so we just enjoyed the wellness area, did a lot of Yoga practice and read a good book in the hammock. Oh what a great place!

If you ever go to Ilha Grande you should definitely visit Paraiso Azul Retiro!

After one week of paradise, we had to move on and because it was really a cool way of transportation, we went again with Easy Transfer – to Paraty!

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