From Yala to Ella

From Yala to Ella

It’s New Years Eve here in Sri Lanka at the moment and that’s why the busses and the trains do not go regularly. Our friend Sudu helped us to find a bus to get to Ella via Wellawaya and we reached our goal after 5 hours of driving through all kind of weather situations. Sun, rain and wind. Sudu also helped us to find a nice apartment here in Ella and as we came here, the owner of our guesthouse “Hill View Home Stay” picked us up from the bus station.


When we first saw our room here, we were really impressed. The view directly to Ella Rock is just amazing and our host family is really sooo friendly. They just offered us some food and tea and we spent our fist evening drinking and celebrating a little with them in the rain on the terrace.

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We went to bed early because we had a long day and people start their fasting period on New Years Eve here at 7.30 pm…. but hey… we had no chance to sleep. Fireworks all night, screaming children and that’s why it was easy for us to get up next day at 7.30 am for breakfast and it was so much worth it. Our host family prepared an awesome breakfast as you will see in the pictures and after this great breakfast we were ready to hike Ella Rock.

It was a really beautiful start through nice landscapes directly next to the railway tracks and after km 166 1/4 (reminded us to Harry Potter haha) it started getting a little more difficult to find the way. After a view wrong direction walks – of course Bina’s fault ;)-, we found the right way hiking through the jungle up to the top of Ella Rock. It took us about 3,5 hours to get there and come back to the guesthouse, where our great host was waiting for us with some beer and Arrack (Coconut Schnapps). We realized they are still celebrating with friends and so we joined ūüėČ We did not go to bed very late and after a nice Roti dinner with Papaya Lassi we slept like babies – ok maybe also because of the Arrack to hahaha.

Next morning we put an Alarm on 4.30 to hike little Adam’s Peak and see the sunrise…. Bina- grumpy as every morning when she did not get enough sleep was woken up by Martin with an Energy Cake and after giving her a little Snack we started our hike… with flashlights because it was still dark.

It was an about 5 km hike to the top of the hill and the view was just amazing and so worth the lack of sleep.

We came back and had an awesome breakfast prepared by our guesthouse owners and chilled in the sun reading until Sajith came out and invited us to join their family lunch. They are just so friendly we can’t believe it. We had fun eating with them and were just impressed of that delicious food. We even got some ice cream for dessert what especially made Bina really happy ūüėÄ

The rest of the day we spent walking around in Ella town and playing with the children of our host family. We have to pack our things for tomorrow because we want to catch an early train to Hatton and go on to Dal-housie (oha a name that’s easy to remember ;)) for hiking the real Adam’s Peak – 4 hours just steps up to the top… YEAAAAAH <3

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