Hey travelers out there. In our travel reports we wanna give you some special recommendations we got from locals, we inform you about the price levels and we also tell you about our good and bad experiences we make while travelling 🙂 Here’s the report of our first 3 Days about DOHA COLOMBO ALAMBANGODA UNAWATUNA

Our trip started from Vienna and our first flight took us to Doha International Airport. It was a 5 hours flight and our seats were really tight (especially for Martin – Bina can sleep in every position :D)

When we arrived in Doha we did a short airport stretching and then our plane to Colombo Airport just arrived. It was only a 2.5 hours stopover and after another 4 hours flight we arrived in Sri Lanka. Really tired and completely overstrained with our heavy luggage we looked for a bus to Colombo City which is about 40 minutes away from the airport. Busses here are really cheap – we paid 120 Rupies each – sounds a lot, but it’s less than 1 Euro ;). We met a nice guy called Mario at the Bus who helped us to find Colombo’s train station. It’s a 1 km walk from the bus terminal, so our Sri Lanka trip started with a nice cardio workout –> It’s challenging to walk 1 km with one 25 kg backpack and another 6 kg pack on your front body haha and we were only thinking about things we can sort out from our luggage 😀

Train rides are as cheap as busses here and so we paid 160 Rupies which is about 1 euro for our ride to Hikkaduwa. But we did not reach Hikkaduwa. We met an Sri Lankan guy from Austria in the train who told us to jump out in Alambangoda (World wonder that we remember that name haha) because it’s beautiful and not so touristy there.


That’s exactly what we experienced coz we were the only tourists there and people were staring at us like we were aliens and tool selfies with us haha – this felt really strange. The Sri Lankan guy helped us to find a quite cheap apartment with sea view (3000 Rupies for 1 night – about 18 Euros for both of us) and after a short powernap we directly went to the beach and chilled there for a few hours.

Next day, we took the train to Galle (tip: we did not have to pay for it because you can stop your ride for 24 hours in any place without paying for a new ticket) and due to lots of recommendations we went on to Unawatuna, a beach village in the south.


We found a great tuk tuk driver called Ajantjg (=”Antiante”) who took us to our hostel called Village Inn. This hostel is just amazing. Every room has it’s own bathroom and a little balcony and it’s only 1000 Rupies per night (about 6 Euros for both). There’s no other hotel here which can compete with that price. And: It’s a 3 minute walk from here to the beach <3 could it be better?!?!?

On our first day here in Unawatuna the weather was a little bit cloudy and so we decided to do a little sightseeing here. Ajantjg showed us around here for about a third of the price the tour guides offer and we spent a great day with him.

If you ever need a TUKTUK driver near Galle – Call him : 0049 (1) 777143307 – HE’S A GREAT AND HONEST PERSON <3

He took us to:

  • Fort Galle – you can walk around this old building, which seems to be a whole city, for hours and enjoyed the great views over the Indian Sea from various perspectives. We loved this place and wanna thank Ajantjg for the special places he showed us here.
  • Herbal Village Garden – here we learned a lot about natural medicine and what it is made of, Martin got rid of some hair on his leg (haha this was so funny the guy just used aryuvedic anti hair cream on his leg instead of mine :D) Thank you Ashy for this great experience and the delicious vanilla tea you gave us. We would recommend this place to everybody!! It’s free of charge and you learn so many new things. People working there are so friendly and you can buy really every kind of natural medicine there.
  • Unawatuna’s Rock Temple – A temple built directly into the rock (In daddy’s words – SE ROCK *gg*) Two young monks (to our moms: MONKS = Mönche, not monkeys) showed us around and we took some pictures and prayed for our families and friends :* this place is definitely worth visiting!
  • Hermans Tea Plantages – This place was our favorite this day <3 A really friendly man showed us around and explained the differences between white, green and black tea. We walked up to a really nice tea house with him where he offered us tea and a homemade cake – we looooved that – and could not believe that their friendliness was real… they gave it to us for free <3. The man (we’re so sorry we can’t remember your name, Sri Lankan Names are sooooo difficult for us) showed us around through the whole plantation and answered all our questions. In the end we did a tea tasting – which was one of the best things we ever did. There were 40 different sorts of homemade teas sorted by colour (Especially Bina loves that because she likes sorting everything by colour haha) and we just tested every type of tea. We were a little sad that the packages you can buy here, are too big to carry them around the world. We would have loved to have the virgin white tea or the suicide club with us 🙂 THANK YOU HERMANS TEA for this great experience – recommendation: you should definitely come here when you visit Sri Lanka.

On our way back to our guesthouse, we saw some fishermen and rice fields with freaky water buffalos and we spent the rest of our day chilling at the beach. After having dinner in a local restaurant that is much cheaper than the really expensive and touristy ones directly at the beach, it started raining heavily and so we decided to chill and work on our balcony – enjoying the summer thunderstorm 🙂

Tomorrow we’ll start our day with a morning workout and just chill at the beach – we definitely deserve that after 3 days of travelling around 😀

In the end we have an important and funny info for everyone who visits this destination: You have to get used to not using any toilet paper here in Sri Lanka – the shower is next to the toilet 😉


  • sabine
    4. April 2017 9:37

    schön zu lesen, dass ihr gut angekommen seid. in srilanka war ich noch nie. die fotos schauen toll aus! lasst euch wegen dem handy nicht unterkriegen, ab jetzt passiert bestimmt nix mehr. bin sicher ihr seit eh vorsichtig und man kann nicht immer alles mit einem rumschleppen. habt ihr jeder 25 kg gewicht mit? hab mir bei der packliste schon gedacht 5 bikinis sind etwas viel. aber ich kann dich vollkommen verstehen, hab am anfang auch einige dinge wieder aussortiert und heimgeschickt. nach ein paar monaten immer das selbe anziehen vermisse ich wirklich meinen kleiderschrank zuhause. 😉 wir mädls sind echt alle gleich. viel spaß beim aussortieren und genießt die ruhe am strand!

    • Alpha Athletics
      5. April 2017 19:10

      Hey danke 🙂 ja das mit dem HDY haben wir uns auch gedacht… und das Karma wird ihn erwischen den doofen Fladeranten *gg* nein Martin 25 und ich 20… aber immer noch viiiiiel 😀 wesst du kann man in Nepal was storen bei KAthmandu? damit man nur das nötigste mit sich herumzaht *g*

      NOCH vermisse ich ihn nicht… aber bald denk ich 😀 Bussi

      • Sabine
        8. April 2017 9:00

        Richtig, das Karma wirds schon richten! 😉
        Falls du wegen dem Anapurna Curcuit meinst, wir sind vorher nach Pokhara gefahren und dort kannst du in so gut wie jedem Hotel Gepäck abgeben und es nachher wieder abholen. Geht bestimmt in Kathmandu auch in vielen Hostels/Hotels. Wenn ihr Wanderzeugs kaufen wollt, dann macht das aber in Kathmandu, das ist viel billiger.

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