Cusco and its best restaurants

Cusco and its best restaurants

From beautiful Copacabana at Lake Titicaca, we made our way BY BUS *haha* to Peru. We just have two goals here:

  1. Visit Cusco and explore a bit of the Inka Culture (not Machu Picchu – a visit to go there is about 200 Dollars per person for one day – so we decided to leave this out and watch this form the airplane)
  2. Spend some Time in the Amazonian Jungle (and meet some disgusting Jungle Animals haha) – but this will be a new Blogpost 🙂

So when we arrived in Cusco, we were surprised about the beauty of this city 🙂 It’s clean, beautiful and modern. And the food should be amazing 🙂 We really could not decide which of the endless restaurants we should try. So as we stayed there for 5 days, we tried a new one every day and summed up the top 5 for you:

If you look for something special in Cusco, this is the place to be. The atmosphere is great, the food is amazing and the drinks are delicious. Everything here is prepared with love and we spent an amazing evening here.

WE love Sushi and found the perfect place to be for every Sushi lover who visits Cusco. This place prepares amazing food with a story behind it. They combine Peruvian and Japanese Kitchen and you have the possibility to go on a journey while enjoying your dinner.

From the starter to the desert, they prepare the food with love and are really passionate about telling what they serve and why they do so.

We loved this place and we loved the food!

The sushi is good, the prices are reasonable. For just 20 Soles you can get a big, delicious maki roll here and the staff is really friendly.

This is a nice place for having breakfast or a quick snack. It’s not really cheap, but the food is delicious.

Best Sandwiches in Cusco! They are affordable and soooooo delicious! Try the Caprese 🙂

There are some more things to explore in and around Cusco and our favorites were the following:

  • Free walking tour – this one is about 3 hours and it’s really informative 🙂 The guide seemed to be un drugs, but this made the tour even more fun haha
  • Enjoying coffee or Ice cream at Plaza de Armas
  • Hike to the Christ statue – just 3 kms and the view is really nice from there

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