Cuba Sailing Vacation

Cuba Sailing Vacation

Whoop Whoop Holidays for us toooooo 😀 On Christmas eve we started our way to Cuba and as it’s really hard to find some internet connection there, we decided to post absolutely nothing during Xmas and New Year’s and be on vacation 😀

We spent our first night in Havanna and started our trip to Cienfuegos the next day. Why Cienfuegos?! Because our sailing trip started from there YEAAAAAH!!

We collected some of the other people who joined the trip – Chris, Andrea, Volker , Anna and Samuel to share a taxi (Taxis are so f**** expensive in Cuba… okay everything is expensive there except fresh coconut ice cream and cocktails :D) and after felt ages of looking for them we finally started our way to Cienfuegos. We spent our night in a private casa where we enjoyed an amazing breakfast before checking out our boat and spend the first day with nothing more than… SHOPPING for FOOD -.-

On the 27th our sailing trip started and Chris introduced us to the beautiful Caribbean Sea <3 We visited lots of amazing lonely beaches and spent our New Years Eve at Cayo Campus, which was the perfect spot to enjoy great food, cocktails and music just with our boat crew and two fishermen!

The next days we were a bit unlucky, coz the sun rarely showed up. But anyways we enjoyed sailing, being on a boat and eating Vladi’s (our chef) amazing dishes – most of us loved the Langoustes most, but everything was just delicious! Luckily we did some workouts for not getting really fat from all the food  😀

After 10 beautiful sailing days, we went back to Havanna where we had 3 more nights before we headed on to Mexico. We visited the Museum of Revolution, the Castillo, rented an old Chevrolet for a City tour and enjoyed some great last evenings with some of our Crew. Sadly Sandra and Björn left earlier, we missed them in Havanna!

All in All Cuba was a great experience, an amazing vacation and we really enjoyed the time without internet 😀

We are also really happy tthat we met our great boat crew and hope to see all of you again 😀 (for some Langoustes)

OFF TO MEXICO NOW, having a better internet connection and sending some more pics on Insta and keep you updated with stories 😀

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