Diving in Cozumel

Diving in Cozumel

From Tulum we made our way to Playa del Carmen by bus and from there a boat starts every full hour to transport you to Isla Cozumel.

Recommendation: Don’t take The Ultramar Ferry – It’s twice the price than all the others and it’s even slower 😉

In beautiful Cozumel we stayed in an amazing hotel called Mary Carmen. Everything is made with love here and it’s also the home of lots of cute turtles. They live in the common area and you can share your chillout time and breakfast with them.

But why did we choose to come to Cozumel next? Because Martin wanted to do the PADI Open Water Diver Course at Cozumel Dive School – this one should be the best and offers a swimming pool for the first days of training – and Bina just wanted to try it once to overcome her fear of water.

When we got there, one of the Instructors informed us that with the discover scuba you just go and dive… and with the open water you learn all the skills what you have to do in case of emergency as well. After talking for a while, Martin and John convinced Bina that the open water diver would be a better choice for her as well and in the trance of her fear she just did it *g*

The course lasts 3 days and you have to do a theoretical and practical exam – both of them are pretty easy to pass because this dive school really has the best teachers ever – they make learning FUN 🙂

Ours was John – a cool guy that knows what he’s doing. He explained everything in theory, had a logic answer to every question, showed us how our body works under water and made us UNDERSTAND what is written in the books. We saw the Padi Videos and of course it made Bina feel nervous to pass all the skills showed in there 😉 – John always found a way to calm her down and made her pass every of these skills. Till today she doesn’t know how he did that, but just his presence made her get calmer.

In the practical part, the dive school also takes really good care of their students. There is always at least a diving instructor and one dive master there to watch you and this made us feel perfectly safe.

And this is the point where we want to say a big THANK YOU to Sammy – the dive master (yes for us you already are ;)) who was always with us and did an amazing job. She never let us alone, always watched us and convinced us that we can handle everything. She was always there if we had a problem, always smiling and giving us the feeling of being safe. Without Sammy, Bina would not have done all that stuff that John told her to do 😀 (Sry John, but Sammy holding my hand was as important as you being there haha)

As we went to the open sea the first time, Bina was really nervous and so Sammy- the dive master- was with her all the time to make her feel safe. She and John made her overcome her fear and in the end she really enjoyed the underwater world.

One day we were a bit unlucky with the weather and could not do our boat dives, so Ken (the owner) and John just made two more shore dives with us FOR FREE to get more experience and to get used to being under water.

Another thing that can show you how caring these people are is our boat dive. At first it was scaring to go down that deep for some of the people and so everyone had a dive master or instructor with him just to be sure someone is watching you. When we came back up Bina was freezing on the boat (but she could not bring a jacket because all of our stuff was at the laundry – we just mentioned that besides one time in the beginning) John – the instructor knew she’s freezing all the time ad brought a jacket for her – so this is how you get treated here – everyone takes care of you- they are like a diving family as long as you are here – BIG THX TO JOHN for just being the way he is 🙂

In the end there is just one more person left to say THANK YOU to from Bina’s side: MARTIN 😀 THX for being there for me, helping me overcoming my fears and convincing me to do crazy stuff all the time. Also thx for taking care of me, feed me eat when I’m too nervous to eat and holding my hand when I need it 😉 Without you I would have never known how beautiful this scaring pudding ocean can be 😀


For the last two days we just wanted to rent a scooter, explore the beaches and party a bit and changed to another hotel called Mi Casa En Cozumel. This made us feel like holiday because the whole area is amazingly relaxing and beautiful.

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