Bangkok again

Bangkok again

Hey travelers 🙂 Sadly our world trip came kind of to an end. We had to go home for a weeding of a really good friend and so we planned a longer stopover in Austria. We thought of where to spend our last days before going home and decided fot the best place to find giveaways for our friends and some deko stuff for our future home – BANGKOK!

And this time our plan was to fully enjoy this crazy city. We checked in at Amara Bangkok – the perfect place to stay when you plan some shopping and want to come home and just find relaxation. It’s perfectly located in walking distance to BTS and MRT. The rooms are comfortable, modern and offer great views of Bangkok. AND THE BEST: It has an infinity pool on the rooftop and serves free drinks from 5 to 7 pm 😀 how can you enjoy Bangkok better than like this?!

We started our days with the amazing breakfast in the lounge and spent our first day at Chatuchak market. Even if this place is really stressful, we love to shop there haha. Afterwards we went to a tailor to get a nice outfit for Petra’s wedding 😀 We’re soooo much looking forward to this.The second day we planned to do something, that reminds us a bit to home… so we planned to visit a Brunch 😀 After some research, we found an amazing offer and so we made our way to Rembrandt Hotel. Da Vinci Restaurant is located at the poolside in the 4th floor and as soon as we came there, we could not believe our eves. This was the most awesome brunch ever!! The buffet offers everything and all the food and drinks are high quality and beautifully prepared. We loved the authentic Italian cuisine and the whole atmosphere there. The staff is super friendly and even the restaurant manager helps with serving food!

After this we were so full afterwards that we did not need any more food for the whole rest of the day and just enjoyed our pool in the hotel.

The next day was MBK center day, where we found the rest of the things we were looking for. Okay… not all of them but we finally found out that there are better things to do in Bangkok than just spending all the time with shopping 😀 So after another fitting at the tailor, we decided to spend our evening in an Indian rooftop restaurant called Rang Mahal. The evening was just PERFECT, the food was amazing and the whole atmosphere was perfect!

We spent our last 2 days with a good mixture of shopping, visiting the tailor for a beer and another 2 fittings (he wasn’t really the best one, so better not choose Emporium Armani for getting your suit) and relaxing in our hotel. Finally we prepared ourselves for coming home and seeing all our friends and family again <3 COZ HOME IS ALWAYS WHERE YOUR HEART IS, no matter how far you’ve been going and how long you’ve been away.

Dear all family and friends: WE MISSED YOU :*

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