Backpacking Bolivia

Backpacking Bolivia

Hey Fitties 🙂 Our next stop in this beautiful world was Bolivia. We came there by bus and it was really easy to cross the border. First we thought of staying in La Quiaca because the travel to get there was quite long, but then we found out that it’s only two more hours by Collectivo to get to Tupiza, what should be our next stop.

As we arrived in Tupiza, we looked for a cheap hostel and found out that Tupiza is full of…. Italian restaurants haha. We had a really nice pizza in one of the 10000000 pizza places around and fell asleep pretty soon.

The next day we organized ourselves, bought some new hygiene things (OB’s are reaaaalllly cheap here :D) and hired a van and a guide for the next 4 days to start our tour from Tupiza to Salar de Uyuni through Bolivia’s mountains. And as we finished all this stuff, we had some more time and diceded spontaneously to go on a horseriding trip through the wild west surroundings of Tupiza. What a great experience (maybe not for our butts, but it was awesome though!)

The next morning we started early to visit the following things:

  • Palala
  • Sillar
  • Awanapampa
  • Cerillos
  • San Pablo
  • San Antonio
  • Quetena : Here we spent our first night. It gets really cold when the sun is gone and the wind starts – take WARM CLOTHES and a sleeping bag with you 😉 And there is no shower here, so shower in the morning or plan the Aguas Thermales for the next day to take a bath.

Our second day was a day full of beautiful lagoons and we can highly recommend making a stop at Lagoa Verde to hike to the higher Lagoon on the Volcano! BUT DON’T DO THIS WITHOUT ANY ACCLIMATIZATION, it’s at an altitude of more than 5000 m.

We visited the following spots:

  • Laguna Kollpa
  • Laguna Hedionda
  • Hot Springs: This was one of Bina’s favorites, especially because she’s always cold. There are two pools with hot water in the middle of nowhere in the mountains and you can chill there as long as you want for only 1 Euro per person. Bina felt like never coming out again, but happily someone offered her food and she was hungry 😉
  • Desierto de Dali: beautifully colored mountains <3
  • Laguna Verde – remember the hike from here 😉
  • Licancabur Volcano
  • Geysers (5000 m.a.s.l.)
  • Huayllajara where we spent our second night in an even colder hostel. Bring MORE WARM CLOTHES 😀

The 3rd day was also full of colored lagoons and lots of flamingos. We were really lucky with the sunny weather and loved chilling at the beautiful lakes in different colors.

  • Laguna Colorada
  • Desierto de Siloli
  • Árbol de piedra
  • Lagunas Altiplánicas with flamingos
  • Ollague Volcano
  • San Juan: We had a beer tasting here 😀 There’s Cactus, Quinoa, Honey and Coca beer and they are all really nice. San Juan is also the region that is popular for Quinoa and so we tasted some varieties and fell in love with the Quinoa cookies 😀
  • Salar de Chaiviri
  • Puerto Chuvica where we spent our last night in the mountains in one of the beautiful salt hotels. We can highly recommend to do this and: you can take off one skin of clothes 😀 it gets a bit warmer here 😀 Another tip is. go out when it’s dark, Bolivia has one of the clearest skies full of stars we’ve ever seen. SOOOO beautiful <3

On our last day of this tour we reached our goal of Salar de Uyuni. We woke up at 4 in the morning to watch the sunrise from Isla del Inca. This is one of the Lava Islands in the middle of the Salt deserts and it’s so worth getting up. This was one of the best sunrises we’ve seen on our journey so far and you can get first impressions of how big this salt desert is.

120 km long and 120 m deep the Salar de Uyuni is the biggest one in the whole world and it’s just stunning to see what happens when an ocean dries out. It’s AMAZING! No words can describe this, so just watch the pics 😀

As we gave back our car, we changed again to a bus and made our way to Sucre. First we planned an overnight stay in Potosi, but as the bus to Sucre was just leaving, we took it and moved on.

Sucre is a really nice place called the white city (it’s not white… this is a mystery!!) and we found a great place to stay with lots of cats and a baby dog. We used the time in Sucre to wash our laundry the first day and the second day we met our friend Theresa from TurnOn <3

Together we went to the Dinosaur Park that has the largest collection of real dinosaur footprints i the world, and the highlight was: the hairstlye of our guide haha. If you don’t have children, it’s not worth going there 😉

The rest of the day we booked a bus ticket for the evening, enjoyed the city and it’s nice Cafe’s and were happy to spend some time with friends.

So as we came to the bus station in the evening, the lady who sold the bus ticket told us it’s for the next day and so we had to go with a really uncomfy bus and lots of students… but it was fun somehow 😀

We made our long long way to Lake Titicaca (we had to go there because Bina’s papa always talked about this lake when she was a child- because of the funny name haha) and as we arrived there – we found our own little chillout paradise in Bolivia.

We spent 3 nights here and loved to explore the surroundings and to climb Cerro Calvario every evening for a beautiful sunset. There are two ways to reach the top, but we definitely recommend the steep one that starts from the beach. You can take the easy one to get down in the dark 😉

We heard about Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna and decided to overnight there for having more time to explore the island. Definitely a good idea!! People who go there just for a one day trip often say that they had too less time.We went there with Crillon Tours, coz they have a really cool boat and an amazing Posada on Isla del Sol. Ricardo, our guide, showed us amazing places and a stunning sunset from the highest point of the Island.

We saw an old Inca temple, visited the fountain of youth (this is the secret why we look so young haha) and we also found lots of cute baby cats on this Island 🙂 Like grandmas, we had heating blankets in our room at Posada del Inca, and we enjoyed using them 😀

The next day we went on to Isla de la Luna and saw the archeological site of it. We explored a bit of the island and on our way back we enjoyed an amazing cocktail on our boat in the sun. Thx to this amazing two days to Crillon Tours and Ricardo our cool guide 🙂

We had one more night in Copacabana until our 12 hours night bus takes us to Cusco in Peru 🙂 So we spent it with chilling in the sun, climbing our favorite mountain one last time and getting ourselves ready for a cold night in a bus 😀


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