Airport stretching by Alpha Athletics

Airport stretching by Alpha Athletics

Hey guys 🙂 Guess that everyone knows the feeling of being unrelaxed and tensioned. After our 5 hours flight to Doha we had a 3 hours layover until our boarding to the next flight to Colombo (Colombo <3 SRI LANKA <3 the first destination of our trip) So we tried to sum up the most refreshing stretching exercises that are easy to practice at the airport 😀 Here’s our airport stretching program for feeling fresh and totally relaxed after a long flight:

Supported backbend

Why: Bending backwards helps to improve posture and supports to stabilize your spine

How: Stand about 1 foot facing away from a wall and prepare yourself for bending backwards. With your arms over your head so that your palms are facing the wall, slowly lean back and like in the bridge yoga pose. Walk your hands down the wall until you begin to feel a stretch in your stomach, chest and spine.

Be sure to start slowly; as your back gets stronger, you’ll be able to go deeper into the backbend.

Lunge with rotation

Why: This exercise helps to build strength in your legs and shoulders while stretching your hips. The twists will also help maintain healthy spinal movement.
How: From a standing position, take a big step forward with your right foot into a lunge, taking care that your right knee does not extend past your toes. Place your hands on either side of your right foot. Now lift your right arm toward the ceiling and turn your gaze upward at the same time. As you exhale, try to go a little deeper into the rotation. Switch sides and repeat.


Why:  This exercise stretches your hip flexors (they get really tight from being bent in a seated position for too long), strengthens the glutes, opens the chest and shoulders, and strengthens the lower back – and Bina hates it 😀
How: Lie face down with your ankles resting. Press your forearms into the floor and pull your shoulders back as you raise your head up and back.

Number 4 sit

Why: The piriformis, a little muscle in your rear end, atrophies and tightens with prolonged sitting. With a simple stretch you can keep your piriformis active and flexible.
How: While seated, cross your right ankle over your left thigh. Use your right hand to apply a tiny bit of pressure to the inside of your right knee, and then slightly lean forward until you feel a gentle stretch in your right piriformis (on the side of your glute). Hold the stretch there as you inhale. When you exhale, attempt to apply a tad more pressure and lean a half an inch farther forward into the stretch. Continue with each breath. Switch sides and repeat.

Quadriceps stretching

Why: If you sit for a long time your thighs tend to contract. This exercise helps to prevent pain in your lower core.

How: Stand on one foot and grab the other shin by bending your leg behind you. Tuck your pelvis in, pull your shin towards your glute and make sure your knee is pointing to the ground. Hold it for 30 seconds and switch the side.

Side stretch

Why: After a long time of sitting your core likes to be stretched everywhere so be sure that you don’t forget your sides 🙂

How: Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Raise your left arm overhead and place the right arm as shown in the picture below. Try opening the space between your left ribs with a couple of deep inhalers. Stay there for 30 seconds and then switch the side.


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  • Obi
    2. April 2017 19:45

    Really useful posting!
    I´m sure my wife and I will use your tips and exercises after or during our next long trip by plane or especially by our car.

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