Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak

Today we woke up early, had breakfast at Hill View Home Stay in Ella and enjoyed that great food here for the last time.  After packing our things, the neighbor of Sajith’s family took us to the train station by tuk tuk, they even did not take money for the ride.  If you ever need a stay in Ella, think of this great guesthouse (contact details in the report about Ella LINK).

We caught the train from Ella to Hatton and tried to enjoy the beautiful view as described in all the books we read. But we forgot… it was New Years Eve and the holiday is over now. Everyone’s going back home and the train was sooo crowded that Bina could not see more than other heads and arms, that were in her opinion much too close to her *g* Martin, who is one head taller than all the others had the luck to see a bit more than Bina, but the train was still too crowded that we would say we enjoyed that ride 🙂

As we arrived in Hatton, we were so happy to catch the bus to Dalhousie immediately and luckily found a free seat 🙂 The curvy road to the small town where you start your hike to big Adam’s peak showed us again how crazy traffic here in Sri Lanka is, especially when a truck transporting an elephant passed our bus haha.

In Dalhousie we found a quite cheap room at the Grand Adam’s Peak Hotel and were really surprised to find even a pool on the terrace. We enjoyed our evening there swimming, relaxing, reading and eating Egg Roti. EggRoti was our breakfast, lunch and dinner today… so let’s say: TODAY IS EGG ROTI DAY 😀

We set an alarm at 1.30 and were really happy to get out of the room. The bed was much too short for Martin and Bina was allergic to something in there. We started our tour to big Adam’s Peak and were really motivated to do a morning cardio session.

This was Adam’s Peak:

  • 5285 steps (Bina tried to count them haha but it was depressing to know how far it is to reach the peak)
  • thousands of people wanting to reach the top
  • we could have reached the peak after 2 hours (yeeees we are still fit, even if we just ate Egg Roti the last day hahaha)
  • BUT there were so many people that we spent 2 more hours on waiting to reach the summit and pass one step in 2 minutes 😀
  • Bina had some bad thoughts on killing other people for reaching the top faster on a holy mountain – she really must be the devil (haha just joking ;))
  • both of us were freezing
  • we saw the most beautiful sunrise we’ve ever seen
  • we forgot about all the bad things while watching the sun rise through the mountains and clouds
  • We climbed down all the stairs in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, bought a good luck band and were happy to have breakfast back in town.
  • we finished our hike with… guess what – EGG ROTI *gg*

The hike to Adam’s peak was challenging, but we’d never like to miss this awesome experience and  we would highly recommend it to everybody. If you take your time- everyone can make it to the top 🙂

We directly went on to – somewhere else (we didn’t really plan it before, and we’ll tell you tomorrow where destiny told us to go.

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