World wide fit by Alpha Athletics

Hey guys

We are Sabrina and Martin, two fitness trainers and healthy lifestyle lovers. When we met each other while travelling in SE Asia, we soon noticed that we have the passion for sports and delicious food in common.

After coming back home after the trip and when we realized that we still like each other in “normal life”, we began to do our fitness coaching programs together. Soon, we funded our company Alpha Athletics that stands for enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

And after working together for a while, our first big project started to grow!

NOW IT’S TIME TO introduce TRAVEL LETICS. to you:

From the 1st of April 2017 we are travelling around the world and exercise sports, give free public workout sessions and experience tourist activities at every destination we visit. In this order, we check out regional and traditional sport disciplines. Moreover, local sport clubs, associations and coaches get involved – so if you want to meet over –> contact us πŸ™‚

Public workouts will be performed at the best hotspots all over the world and can be followed per video and photo contributions here on Weblog. These will be also shared on Our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Channel <– click the link and follow πŸ™‚

Besides the contributions about sports, we will publish travel reports about destinations, hotels, restaurants and touristic activities here.

Moreover, we try out traditional regional food and check whether it suits as fitness nutrition or not. In this relation, the best recipes will be published under the category “food” as well.

You can also challenge us on our way and give us some special exercises, let us try crazy food or send us to some adrenaline kicks in this world.

Our route and some more information will be online soon πŸ™‚ – hopefully you enjoy


Next Project

Stay tuned!