Team Alpha Athletics

Alpha Athletics are two fitness coaches hat share their passion about sports, food and travelling. They namely made a profession of their hobby and try to bring the fascination of an active lifestyle closer to people all around the world.

Bina holds Diplomas in Aerobic, Fitness, Personal and Functional Coaching. She is literally the lively part of the Alpha Team and in charge of the peppy workouts. She also has a background as Diet, Health and Nutrition Coach and is always in search of simple and healthy recipes.

Martin gained extensive experience in Martial Arts, Meditation, Functional Training and Weight Training. He is the haven of calm in Team Alpha and responsible for the slow-moving, particularly exhausting workout sessions and circuit trainings.

He is a passionate cook and interested in the more sophisticated meals. Always looking for new recipes that perfectly meet all nutrition criteria for sportsmen, he prepares delicious and healthy dished in our sports nutrition courses with our customers.

Due to his long-year experience as tax adviser and his Degree in Finance and Law, he is also in charge of the financial and legal issues of Team Alpha.

Both, Bina and Martin, are keen for marketing. Bina has a Degree in Journalism and many years of experience in Online Marketing. Martin gained experience in the PR department of a publishing house and publishes articles in journals on a regular basis. Due to this extensive experience, they are perfectly prepared for the marketing challenges of the Worl.Wide.Fit. project.