7 Tips for healthy eating

7 Tips for healthy eating

If you are sporty, you defiately know how importatn your diet is for reaching your goals. there’s just a little effect on the best training, if your body gets too less energy by food. therefor we just summed up 7 tips to show how to speed up your muscle growth by only following a view “rules”.

  1. Drink water and tea regularly

Permanent liquid supply leads to a constant metabolic fate. Next to water you should also drink different types of tea, such as green tea or ginseng for giving your body enough energy to increase the fatburning effect. the different tastes of tea helps you not to get bored of always drinking just water and tasteless stuff 🙂

  1. The right type of carbohydrates

Carbs are important for a balanced diet, coz they are the only type of macronutrient, that our brain can handle. The basis of your consuption of carbohydrates should contain mostly long-chained carbs, that are hard to digest. For example such as:  Wholewheat stuff, brown rice, potatoes and oats.

  1. The correct choice of fat

It’s also important to eat enough fat when being sporty. Fat is responsible fot many important functions of our body. The correct choice of fat sources for healthy eating would be for example olive oil, nuts, Fish, eggs an avocados. As a guideline you can remember: Fat should be about 30% or your daily calorie consumption.

  1. Watch out for your protein intake

As a rule you say: take two grams of protein per kg bodyweight when you do sports. If not, take about one gram. (hopefully lots of sporty peaple read our blog – so take the two grams rule *g*) Niche sources for proteins are: Fish, cottage cheese, chicken, tofu or if you don’t wanna cook – protein shakes 😉

  1. The right choice of snacks

Plain yoghurt and cottage cheese are perfect as a short protein snack, because they fill you up for a long time and make sure that your insuline level stays quite constant. Also Proteinbars, fruits and vegetables are suited perfectly as a healthy snack. If you want to save calories, take rather vegetables than fruits because of the higher sugar.

  1. Be disciplined

You van only reach your goals if you eat healthy, train hard and if you are disciplied. But we think you should enjob being fit – so eat healthy, cheat sometimes, and train even harder after a cheatmeal and your sucess will be long-lasting.

  1. Cheat sometimes – you only live once 😉

We think its really important to have meals or even whole days, where you can eat whatever you want. It brings you back the joy of eating and rewards you for all the hard trianings and the days you are so disciplined in dieting.

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