7 things to do in Nepal

7 things to do in Nepal

7 things to do in Nepal

  • Try to find a calm place in Kathmandu (trust us- it’s a challenge ;))
  • Go Trekking in the Himalayas – out tip: The Annapurna Circuit
  • Eat Apple Pie (or Crumble), Cinnamon Rolls in a teahouse in the mountains of Himalaya and fall in love with Masala Tea
  • Touch a Baby Yak <3
  • Visit beautiful Pokhara and enjoy a boat trip at Fewa Lake
  • Experience the adrenaline kick of Nepal’s Zip Line – the steepest and longest in the world
  • Find closer to yourself with the help of Yoga – Our recommendation: Yoga retreat at OM FAMILY in Pokhara


  • aliha
    24. August 2017 9:46

    Nepal is a great place which fascinates the visitors. I like the beauty of this place so much which I have seen through photos while this Cadillac Mountain visit and now curious to be there with my mates.

  • Hogward
    24. August 2017 10:22

    I like this kind of article which had shared great kind of stuff about the interesting thing and places I will take also take one tour at this place with my love after my las vegas to grand canyon bus tours

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