7 reasons to start doing Yoga

7 reasons to start doing Yoga

Hey Fitfamily  and Yoga lovers out there. No matter if you’re a beginner or and advanced sportsmen… you can start your yoga life every day 🙂 Yoga is not just about doing a headstand or moving your feet behind your head… it changes your whole lifestyle.

That’s why we tried to sum up our top 7 reasons to start doing yoga 🙂
  1. Improvement of your flexibility (yeaaah… you do not have to be that moveable before starting yoga… it helps you to get better by practicing)

Your muscles get stretched and strengthened by practicing the Asanas. In some of your yoga exercises you will stay at least 3 minutes and even after a few lessons… you will realize that you’re getting better and better 🙂

  1. Strengthening of your whole body, particularly Abs and Back muscles. This helps you to prevent or even heal back pain
  1. Your whole body coordination gets better.

For some people it’s really challenging in the beginning to do these coordinating exercises with hands and feet. But it’s very important to improve these skills – for everyday use and also as preventive measures for higher age.

  1. Yoga helps to reduce tension – this is important especially for those people who sit a lot in their job
  1. Reduction of stress

During practicing the Asanas you have to concentrate on so many things like the correct breathing and also the exercise itself, that there is no longer space for bad and stressful thoughts

  1. Improvement of poise and balance when practicing Yoga
  1. Yoga helps you to calm down and find your inner balance (which is especially important for hyperactive persons like Bina *haha*)

One thing we really like about Yoga, is not included in the top 7 list, since it does not fit to everybody: It’s so much fun to practice together and share your experiences with your partner. You can help each other in getting better and better and that’s great 😀

So as you can see Yoga is more than just sitting around and meditating by saying “ommm” *ggg* We’re just looking forward so much to visiting some yoga retreats on our world travel and to give you some more impressions of our new passion – YOGA



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