7 Do’s and Don’ts for Yoga beginners

7 Do’s and Don’ts for Yoga beginners

Hey Fitfamily 🙂

As we already mentioned on facebook, we joined a traditional Yoga class a few months ago. We both were not very flexible in the beginning – stretching wasn’t one of our favorites haha.
But after practicing asanas for a while, we get more and more used to the positions and also to the lifestyle this course teaches. It is not only doing asanas and learning how to breathe correctly – the traditional Yoga rules affect on your whole lifestyle.

Practicing this sport makes you: Feel healthy – calm down and above all: Be a nice person!

Now here we tried to sum up 7 Do’s and Don’ts for beginners:

Yoga Do’s:
  • Live a truthful life (Satya)
  • Be happy and thankful with what life gives you
  • Try to have positive and pure thoughts
  • This sport should be practiced on a leveled floor in a room where doors and windows can be kept open for air and light.
  • Try to practice the exercises everyday regularly, preferably at the same time.
  • While practicing, you should concentrate on yoga alone and try to keep away the other thoughts.
  • Pranayama should follow the asanas and meditation should follow Pranayama.


Yoga Alpha Athletics
Yoga Dont’s:
  • Don’t hurt other beings with acts, words or thoughts (Ahimsa)
  • Don’t Steal (Asteya)
  • Don’t be stressed or angry while practicing the asanas
  • Don’t have a full tummy while doing yogapositions, wait until 2 to 3 hours after large meals.
  • Don’t shower or drink water for 30 minutes after doing yoga.
  • Don’t practice in unclean or smoky place and in areas with foul smell
  • Don’t use abusive words

There are many other things you should focus attention on in Yoga but for us as beginners these are the most important ones to start with a yoga lifestyle.

If any questions appear – don’t be shy to ask 🙂


  • Sofie
    24. January 2017 17:31

    hab einige zeit mal power yoga gemacht, nach der story krieg ich wieder voll bock drauf! besonders der gedanke dahinter, sich auch geistig zu erholen ist gold wert!

  • Thomas
    24. January 2017 21:43

    I like these pics <3

    • Alpha Athletics
      25. January 2017 16:40

      hehe thomas… maybe… because you made them 😀

  • Barbara
    26. January 2017 22:01

    I thought there’ll be more specific tips for Yoga beginners like for example what to wear or where to start when I came across the article. But this insight is even more interesting! (regarding Yoga I’m a total beginner ;))

    • Alpha Athletics
      27. January 2017 10:12

      😀 nice… if you need some help… just ask… 🙂

  • sabine
    28. January 2017 13:35

    während dem reisen komme ich leider viel zu selten zu yoga. wenn sichs ergibt besuche ich manchmal kurzfristig yogaklassen oder wenn das internet mal gut ist mache ich youtubeyoga. das gibts wirklich 🙂 leider schaffe ichs noch nicht yoga ohne anleitung zu machen und zum glück gibt es einige gute yogachannels auf youtube.

    das mit dem schönem ausblick und firscher luft kann ich nur bestätigen. war kürzlich in einem yogastudio in goa wo daneben gekocht wurde. es hat gut gerochen, aber das geklapper und der geruch waren voll störend.
    da steh ich lieber daheim vor der offenen balkontüre mit meinem youtubeyoga. 🙂

    plant ihr yoga auf eurer reise?

    übrigens, euer blog ist toll!

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