7 Tips for more effective fat loss

7 Tips for more effective fat loss


  1. Drink a lot of water

It’s never said enough, how important it is to drink enough fluid. If you drink too little, fat burning, muscle gain and brain activities get slower. Dehydration has even negative effects on your articulations. There are many rules of thumb – like “drink 8 glasses of water a day”. That’s a nice guideline, but it depends on your weight, physical activity and nutrition first. In general you can say that 30 ml per kg bodyweight would be ideal. The colour of your urine tells you if you drink enough (the clearer, the better). Thurst is often mixed up with hunger, so if you feel hungry – try a glass of water first ūüôā

Our body could absorb about 300ml waters every 15 minutes. Drink small portions, because anything containing more than these 300ml goes nearly directly to your bladder.

  1. Avoid crash diets

Crash diets such as for example eating low carb all the time are only temporary fashion. Of course, they could help to get lean quickly, but even faster¬†you will put on weight after the crash diet. Also keep in mind that, during a crash diet, one loses substantial muscle amounts, hence the energy consumption of the body decreases. This is why sometimes one’s¬†weight after such a period will even exceed the weight as¬†before the diet. Moreover,¬†important nutrients are missing during a crash¬†diet. what effects the immune system negatively.

For a balanced diet also take a look at: 7 Tips for healthy eating

  1. Use high weights

The higher your muscular size is, the higher is your metabolic rate. You gain muscles the best, when you take weights as high as you can finish about 8 to 12 reps. Using heavy weights alltough is a big challenge for your body, so be sure that u practised all exercises with lower weights and you know the technique of every exercise.  Otherwise the risk of injury might be very high.

  1. Post workout meals

Your post workout meal is crucial for regeneration. muscle building and refilling of glycogene storages. Also your pre workout meals and your nutrition in general are important to reach long lasting goals.

  1. Cardio workouts are importand (even if they will never be our best friends *g*)

If you really wanna boost your fat burning effect, you should definately do some Cardio, even if it’s not that funny like¬†a short workout in hypertrophy. The advantages, however, are obvious: On the one hand you’ll burn lots of calories, on the other regular cardio training teaches your body to burn your fat more purposful.

If you combine cardio and weightlifting on a single¬†day, always do the cardio part after¬†the weight lifting part, in order¬†to not empty the carbohydrate storages before lifting high weights. Whereas, when you do the cardio afterwards, you give your body a chance to make use of it’s fat reserves and does what we want him to do: Burn that fat!

  1. Avoid stress

A Stressful life can lead to many things, such as to ignore your nutrition. It also causes the distribution of the stress hormone Cortisol, which stimulates the storage of fat in your deposits and it’s difficult to get rid of these fat reserves.

  1. Set yourself down-to-earth goals

Your physical and mental goals should be reachable for yourself. Sport should bring you joy and it can only be funny, if you constantly reach yout goals <3


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