Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes

Hey  Fitfamily 🙂

We had lots of bad tries finding a reciepe for protein pancakes – but now we found two perfect solutions *yeaaah*


2 Eggwhites
60g low fat curd
1 spoon (ca 25 grams) Proteinpowder (take your favourite flavour, ours is definately vanilla from Nanox :D)
one shot of sparkling water


MIx the eggwhites, curd and protein powder until its a kind of pastry. then poor the shot of sparkling water into it and mix it aigain. Now its ready to get baked in the pan 🙂

Depending on the size of your pan the reciepe brings between 5 to 7 Pancakes (about 270 calories per serving)

now, for the ones who like the easier way to get healthy and tasty protein pancakes: The nearly ready to eat creation from nanox 😀  YOu only have to mix the powder with water, bake it in your pan and put the topping of your choice on it 🙂 sooooo— if you don’T have time for preparing ypur own pastry… this one is the perfect option.

Hopefully you’ll have a nice day – enjoy being fit 🙂

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  • Ducky
    12. January 2017 1:26

    The first thing I would make is a deoavctire family sign to go on the main wall in our living room. Then I would like to try the heat transfer material to put a verse around the bottom of a tree skirt I am wanting to make.

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