Exploring Huatulco

Exploring Huatulco

Finalllllly we arrived at the Pacific Coast and reached our first destination here called Huatulco.

We decided to come here because we read lots of good stuff about the dive spots around and we wanted to improve our diving skills. So we did a bit of research about all the dive schools here and decided for the one called Hurricane Divers. Why this one? Because the guy – Nata- that runs this school now, is also the founder of all the other ones 😀 So he knows what he’s doing 😉

We looked for some good places to stay and decided to stay a bit off of the main city centre in Hotel Plaza Tangolunda, which is located near an amazing beach with crystal clear water – perfect for snorkeling.

The first day of diving, we were really unlucky with the visibility and just found some rays but lost all the others from the group haha but it was a really good experience to know that we can survive down there withour freaking out even when it’s just the two of us.

The second day we had a day off from diving and so we thought of: what to do when not being under water here in Huatulco?

The best answer: Chilling at the beach and doing a cooking class in the morning. Sooooo happy that we found Jane, the owner of Chiles & Chocolate who runs at first a really nice restaurant called Juanitas Cafe and she also offers cooking classes. Ours was a seafood class and of course we will post all of the recipes we’ve learned here on our Blog- feel free to try them out 😉

The next three days it was all about diving again and we had lots of fun exploring the ocean with Nata and Karsten from Hurricane divers. And as a Bonus: There’s always turtle – , dolphin – or whale watching included in your trip on the way to the dive spot 😀

We really enjoyed our time here in Huatulco but now it’s time to go on to Zipolite, Hippie’s paradise is waiting for us 😀

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