3 weeks Low Carb Challenge

3 weeks Low Carb Challenge

Hey Fitfam

Do you want quick weight loss, vibrant health or mind-blowing diabetes reversal on low carb? You need help on meal suggestions and nutrition plans? Then this challenge is for you.

Everything is free for downloading.  All you’ll need to buy is real food.

The meal plan is not only simple – but also delicious. And you can eat as much as you want, no calorie counting required!

Here’s the plan for week 1:


Ready for week two?


Let’s hit week 3 🙂


Hopefully you enjoyed your 3 weeks of low carb eating and you successfully lost weight 🙂 if you have any questions: don’t be shy to ask – enjoy being fit 🙂


  • Grizzly
    12. January 2017 3:23

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  • Barbara
    24. January 2017 12:40

    Week 1 and week 2 seem to be equal 🙂
    I’ll definitely try and let you know how I did!

    • Alpha Athletics
      24. January 2017 12:47

      cool 🙂 looking foward to your results

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