From Unawatuna to Udawalawe

From Unawatuna to Udawalawe

Hey ho 🙂 We just thought about our next plans and decided to visit Udawalawe National Park for a safari trip. Elephants are waiting for us 😀

So we asked lots of tourists and travel agencies how to get there and everyone told us about tours with high class cars and they are really expensive. So we just asked some locals how they get to Udawalawe and they told us we have to take 3 busses and the nature and things you can see are really nice.

  • 1st from Unawatuna to Martara
  • 2nd from Martara to Empfjksdjgkl
  • and 3rd from E to Udawalawe

We got up early in the morning (5.30), packed our things, caught some banana ROTI for breakfast and started our tour beginning with a one km walk with our heavy backpacks. We thought that trip would be endless but it wasn’t. It was easy to find the busses, every bus was on time and it took us just 4 1/2 hours to get to our destination. And the best – we paid about 5 Euros each for the whole trip 😀 We love to save money while having the better choice of travel route 🙂


When we arrived in Udawalawe, the bus driver dropped us out near the hotel we wanted to visit and we walked the rest of the way. Cardio in the beginning and at the end of our bus trip 😀 “greaaat”

As we reached our hotel we jsut met a guy who offered us a better price for the room and the safari trip at his place and that’s why we decided to stay with him. Definitely a good choice because his bungalow is completely new and he opens next week. It will be called CHILLHOUSE BUNGALOW. You can have a whole bungalow here for 2000 Rupies (12 Euros) and his sister really is an awesome cook. They prepared something for lunch and after that our tour to Udawalawe National Park started.

Here are some Impressions from that awesome experience and the beautiful sunset on our way back to the bungalow.

Tomorrow we head on to Ella and look forward to our next experiences here in Sri Lanka 😀


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