2 weeks in Colombia

2 weeks in Colombia

Hey fit travelers out there 🙂 From the jungle of Peru we went on to Colombia – Beachtiiiime 😀

We took a flight to Barranquilla, where we stayed for just one night because it was late and the next day we directly took a bus to Tayrona National Park. There is a bus company called Marsol that has a door to door service for nearly the same price as the other companies. Crazy drivers – but easy service.

We stayed in beautiful Villa Cata, directly next to the Park and enjoyed 3 amazing times with hiking, exploring the beaches of Tayrona and chilling at the pool of our hotel.

From Tayrona we went into Cartagena’s direction, but we stopped at another beach for 3 nights. Koh Samui Hotel Cartagena was the perfect place for a chill out and working weekend at Manzanillo Beach. We loved the atmosphere here. Hammocks on the terrace, candles at the beachside and romantic dinners on the 3rd floor of our hotel.

Now we were ready for exploring a city – Cartagena – but of course we chose a hotel next to the beach 😀

Our beautiful hotel San Martin was located in Bocagrande, what is the perfect place to stay at. You have the beach directly in front of your door, and the old town is in walking distance, so you could easily get there 🙂

Cartagena is an amazing City and we really loved our time there. The food is great, the beach is beautiful and every sunset is something special.

Restaurant tips:

After 3 nights here, we went on to Medellin, what we expected to be a big City that we don’t like normally. But really surprisingly this was one of the most beautiful cities we’ve been to and we loved it! The people are so friendly; everyone talks to you and welcomes you warmly!

We can really recommend doing the free walking tour in Medellin. You get to know a lot about the history and the chance Medellin went and still goes through. It shows the good, the bad and the ugly sides of Medellin and tells you the truth about Pablo Escobar, that was definitely NOT like described in Narcos 😉

A bit sad that we booked just two nights here, we left Medellin and moved on to Manizales, which is a great base to explore Zona Cafeteria.

Okay, the road to get there is… just curves, but it’s worth the ride 😉 We stayed in Hotel Portico, which is located a bit outside of the center and we loved this place. It’s affordable, the rooms are big and the breakfast is amazing.

The next day we went to Hazienda Venezia, where we learned a lot about Colombian coffee and after tasting the different roastings, types and qualities of coffeee beans, we enjoyed the poolarea there 😀

From here we moved on to Bogota, where we spent just one night, because Cuba is waiting for us.

We spent our Christmas day enjoying the Spa in Grand Park Hotel and remain with the following conclusion:

2 weeks are too less time for exploring beautiful Colombia. We loved every minute here, and we’ll definitely come back to see more of this beautiful country.

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