1 Week clean eating challenge

1 Week clean eating challenge

Hey Fitties:) We just listened to a few people talking about healthy eating and their diets… and we just thought that the first step of every Diet or healthy eating try should be CLEAN EATING.

So what now is that? 😀

If you directly translate it, it tells everything… CLEAN (but not the hygienically clean *gg*) means natural food with as less chemical substances as possible. So healthy food should at the first point be CLEAN in every diet 😉 NO JUNK OR FAST FOOD, but everything else is allowed 🙂 Carbs, proteins and “good” fat. Clean eating concentrates on whole-wheat products, fresh food and vegetables, salad, rice, cereals and fish.

Clean eating also adds some other rules:

  • Eat regularly (at least 3 meals a day)
  • Combine complex carbs with Proteins and good fat.
  • avoid trans fats.

So … it kinda sounds easy… right? But we know that not everything that sounds easy… is easy to put into practice.

And that’s why we thought of making a 1 Week Clean eating Challenge here, including a nutrition plan for 1 Week, recipes Online 😉 and one realy important thing: a shopping list (and do not cheat 🙂 buy only the things from the list – NO unnatural sweets or desserts :P)

Here’s your shopping list:
CLean shopping list

We thought that most of our Blogreaders have to work the whole day and that’s why in our nutrition Plan, all the lunches are the same as the dinners the day before or just a little varied. It’s easy to cook just a little more in the evening and take it to work the next day. And it’s still fresh and tastes awesome 🙂 Better than switching to junk or fast food 😉

Here’s your 1 Week clean eating nutrition plan

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